Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Deal with your shit or it will start to stink

Hello Guys,
Been  a while since I have got personal with you all........hope you all had a great Christmas. If you are anything like me you are probably sat waiting to bring in the New Year with a bigger backside and belly!
Now a couple of weeks before Christmas I went on a course to help market my was a great course as it wasn't your usual marketing course, it was how to tap into your mindset to achieve success! Now I went with the focus on business, however what I learnt can be used for all aspects of my life, health, fitness, relationships etc.
Now we all set goals, and with new year just around the corner this is the time when they are set more often than not. However how many times do you not stick to them or hear of others breaking their goal within first couple of weeks in January! You only have to enter a gym in January, you can't get to the equipment because of all the newbies........come February you have pick of equipment again!!
There can be several reasons why we don't hit our goal..........
It can seem like a mamouth task to achieve it, you can combat this by breaking it down into smaller goals which seem less daunting.
Another reason, which after attending the course I believe is the main one, people set goals yet they dont want them bad enough to achieve it!
Take diet........over December I have been like a kid in a Candy store, I have pretty much eaten and drank what I wanted as I know I am strick the rest of the year so it is the time I like to let my hair down. However it is nearly New Year's I have a gorgeous outfit to wear and my gut and thighs have expanded to proportions I don't like! Now I am sat here moaning about it but I can't as over December I wanted to enjoy food and drink more than I wanted my six pack.......well I thought I did untill I look down and can see a small podge emerging in its place. So come January I am starting the LifeForce Transformation plan and I am going to 'Deal with my Shit' if I don't it will start to stink and I will be a fat instructor!
So before you start setting those New Year goals, really ask yourself if it is something what you really want! If you do great, do everything in your power to achieve it........if not set another goal you do want to achieve. Sometimes people set goals, because they feel they have to, or it is what everyone else is doing. 
Your life, your goal! 
Have a great New Year guys and stay safe!
If you really want to make a difference to your health and the way you look in 2016 then click on the links below!
Andrea (pissed off 'one pack') Springthorpe

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Can you last an hour ;)

Hello Troops!
Friday again!! I am on countdown as we break up from School next Friday.......I might get chance to get the bloody Christmas Tree up then. I know I can be a bit of a grinch at Christmas, however I think when the tree is up I will get into the spirit of things.
Just a quick one today as it is 10.30pm on a Thursday night whilst typing this (yes I pre type my emails) and my eyes are shutting!
So today I thought what can you do in an hour? Or what you can't do in an hour? Well for one you can't watch a film in an hour or cook a roast for that matter. Now in one hour you could watch a crappy soap, you could do some housework or even waste time trawling through facebook!
So what do you get from watching a soap or trawling through facebook? Depressed, annoyed, might have a laugh? Who knows but one thing it won't get you is fit!! In one hour of bootcamp you can meet real people who you can talk to face to face without hiding behind a phone or computer, you can burn up to 1000 calories in one session (providing you don't talk all the way through lol) and you can get excellent health benefits from keeping active.
So if you want to put a side one hour a day to do something productive then switch of Corienders Street and get to bootcamp. I can guarantee that it will be less depressing than watching that crap anyway!!
Also I only have 6 x LifeForce Transformation Plans left so if you want to avoid a belly like Ian Beale then best get buying today!
Have a fab weekend guys and speak Monday!!
Andrea (creating my own soap opera) Springthorpe

Mixing your drinks is fine.........

Hello Guys,
Yesterday I mentioned that it was the Fit 4 Force Christmas party on Saturday, so what better topic to talk about in the run upto Christmas than alcohol!
Now the majority of us enjoys the odd tipple every now and again, especially over the Christmas period. Now I like a drink and anyone who has been on a night out with me will know that I am a complete light weight. A couple of glasses of wine and I am tipsy!! I get drunk quite quick..........and carry on drinking which is my downfall! I am however a cheap date the monetary sense of course!!
Now aabout a month ago we had a bootcamp night out and I was on real ale, cocktails galore and I ended up being put in a taxi to go home early as I was in such a state! I couldn't understand why as I had survived a week in Marbella on the bootcamp abroad where cocktails were part of our daily diets. I did however drink water with every alcoholic drink when I was away, so this slowed down the 'getting hammered' process and kicked any potential hangover in to touch!
So as it was my company's Christmas Party I thought I couldn't be one of the first home so I made sure I had a drink of water at hand at all times! It definately works as I wasn't sick in my bin when I got home (which yes has happened not that long ago), I didn't have a hangover and I didn't want to eat crap all day on Sunday!
The only downside to not being so drunk was 1) I could feel my feet developing into 'cankles' after wearing ridicously high heels & 2) I noticed the not so desirable men that were out in the bar we ended up in urghhh!
So yes guys it is fine to mix your drinks over the festive period..........AS LONG AS IT IS WITH WATER!!
Have fun over Christmas.........most importantly stay safe!!
Besides guys and gals if you are single and steaming you might miss out on meeting the love of your life ;) 
Andrea (cheap date haha) Springthorpe

The 20 minute window

Hello Guys,
Hope you all had a good weekend? It was the Fit 4 Force Christmas Party on Saturday..........another great night out with the crazy bunch! Hope you all enjjoyed it as much as I did!
Last week I read an article on Emotional appetite V's True hunger. It was very interesting read, especially the emotional eating side to it. Now there can be many reasons why we eat when we are not 'really' hungry........if we are happy, sad, bored, angry, excitement, stres, exhaustion, many many more.
Now I am sure there are times when we can all realate to eating because of how we feel rather than because we need to through true hunger. On friday for instance I had had a bad day, I was tired, exhausted and emotionally upset. For those who saw me at bootcamp on Friday I apologise for my face as I looked like what can only be descibed as a 'bag of shite'. So in my upset state after bootcamp I called at my friends and then on my way home I bought a bar of it was dark chocolate which I have a couple of squares once a week. However on Friday I bough a 'large' bar and ate the whole lot! So after the initial enjoyment of the chocolate I felt sick as a dog and a greedy bitch for eating it all.........this just made my emotional state worse not better! Food is not a permament elastoplast for our can cover it up for a while, put once it is ripped off the raw emotion is still hidden underneath, just like magic knickers, they might suck you in for a while, but as soon as you take them off the fat hangs loose lol!
Anyway in this article it gave a few tips on how to combat emotional eating. One tip I did like was to be stubborn with yourself......make your physical and mental health your priority. This is something I am going to take into the new year with me. Anyway who knows me, will know that I am quite stubborn so if I tell myself to stick to something I normally do. I challenge you to be the same! Make the decision to eat healthy and stick to it!
Give yourself a 20 minute window. If you fancy something nice to eat, don't give in. Give yourself 20 minutes have a drink of water then more likely than not after 20 minutes the urgh to eat crap will have passed.
Set kitchen hours and stick to if your day starts at 7.00am and dinner at say 8pm don't allow yourself to go into the kicthen after this time (other than to maybe wash up). This will eliminate the late night snacking.
Strength in numbers, make a pact with a friend, family member or online community group (I know a good one lol) if you are accountable to someone or share the same goals as someone then it is easier to stick to your healthy eating plan. It can also create some friendly competition which is always great!
Andrea (stubborn bugger) Springthorpe

The £50.00 experience

Hello Troops,
Today I thought I would look at the type of things you could buy for £50.00 (or around that price) (the current special price of the LifeForce Plan). There are a number of things..........
Concert tickets
Beauty treatments
Get your hair done
Experience Days
Computer Games
Theme Park Access
Plus many many more things
Now when you look at all these things they all have one thing in are buying an experience, not just a product!
When you buy concert tickets you are paying for the atmosphere and the experience of seeing something/someone live. The beauty treatments, hair, massage etc you are paying to look and feel good. The experience days, paintballing, computer games and theme are paying for the excitment, the competition and adrenalin rush. All these are things that will stay with you for longer than one day. You will have memories, feel more confident and basically experience life!
Thats how I see the LifeForce Transformation're not just buying a book and are buying the knowledge, the experience and the results. Day 21 is the just the start not the end. Just think how great you feel when you get pampered, you feel more confident. Think how happy you feel when you do something exciting like going on a ride (or whatever adrenalin rush you like to do). The one thing that we see day in day out is our bodies, the one thing we experience everyday are our energy levels. These are two things that we cannot get away from, however we can change them. I love looking in the mirror and feeling confident and most importantly to me is to feel healthy and energised to maintain the busy life that I lead.
There are lots of things in life that we don't have control over......however what we put in our mouths and how active we are, are the things we can control and can change.
Unfortunatley there isn't a magic pill that we can take to get us the body and the energy we want. It takes dedication and motivation. The good news is the LifeForce SWAT plan is easy to follow and you don't have to think about what you are doing.....just follow the plan and you will see results!
After finding out about my Mum I have realised that life is for living and having what better experience can you get out of life than to live a long happy healthy life......looking and feeling great!
So remember the special experience price of £50.00 is throughout December whilst stocks last (which is now limited as people are buying into the experience like crazy!)
Happy Friday and have a great weekend........
Andrea (experiencing life) Springthorpe

My Dad.......the tactful legend

Happy Monday guys!
Before I start on todays email, can I remind people that we are still in November and that it is far too early to put Christmas decorations up!! I don't know about you but my facebook news feed has been full of pictures of people's Christmas trees all bloody weekend!!
I will however stay on the Christmas subject though.........
This Saturday is the Fit 4 Force Christmas Party. It is an event which we like to enjoy each year and let our hair down. So I thought I would treat myself to a new outfit........ so I ordered a few outfits to choose from. Now I think I am the only woman who hates shopping so tend to do it all online (I actually think that is something I can add to my long list of things that makes me a great catch lol!)
Anyway on Saturday I went round to my Mum and Dads with all the outfits to get my Mum's opionion on which I should keep. I have been ill all weekend and felt and looked like shit so probably didn't do the outfits justice.
Anyway as I was showing my Mum, my Dad saw them too.......comments are as follows..
Dress 1 - hmmmm goes up at front and pulls across front
Dress 2 - nicer but pulls across legs
Outfit 3 - which I decided to keep - Yes looks nice, but pulls abit when you walk.......must just be your hips!
Thanks Dad you legend lol! Now I know why my Mum wants my opinion on clothes lol.
Now I know I am heavier than I want to be, so this just highlighted the fact that I need to get a grip and stick at the healthy eating. We all know how hard it is in the run up to Christmas as we often have party's or nights out most weekends. However if we stay good 6 days out of the 7 then the aftermath of Christmas shouldn't be too bad.
Plus you still have chance to do the LifeForce Transformation plan before Christmas hits!
Now I know my Dad didn't mean anything bad and I love him to bits and wouldn't change him at all (even his tact levels lol), however sometimes all we need is one comment to give us a kick up the arse!!
Andrea (big hips) Springthorpe

Sleep should be up there on the to do list!

Hello Guys,
Today I want to talk about sleep........I love sleep, I love my bed and I love waking up feeling energised and getting through the day without feeling like I want to put my head on the desk.
However I haven't been getting enough recently and last week the lack of sleep got to me and I ended up having a mini melt down at work.
Last Tuesday I was up early to train, then I worked from 9am-9pm, then same again on Wednesday. I was absolutely shattered by Wednesday tea time and I still had a few hours left to work. Now I am great at getting my training done, staying up late to check emails and do my paperwork and because of this my need for 7/8 hours sleep a night was compromised. So Thursday morning I thought I wouldn't train as I needed to recover. I was obviously still tired as I spent the majority of my day crying! The worst thing was I was meeting one of my old University lecturers on Thursday afternoon (who I had a school girl crush on whilst at University) and I turned up looking a mess!!! 
However it did make me think how important sleep is.....this is when our bodies repair themselves. When we have enough sleep we are physically and mentally alert and in my case much more emotionally strong when I have had enough sleep.
Now I eat healthy and I am on week two of the LifeForce plan so this has made a massive difference........I know I would have felt 100 times worse if I was eating rubbish whilst trying to get through a 12 hour day.
Alot of people say they don't have time to cook when they work long hours. I got all my meals and snacks ready the day before so when I got home it was all ready to eat. It is about being organised............which I need to do more organising so I can get more shut eye. It is true what they say (whoever they are) you feel loads better after a good nights sleep.
Andrea (getting more sleep) Springthorpe

Take your passion and make it happen

Hello Guys,
Hope you have all had a good weekend?
I just want to say a massive thank you for all the emails I have recieved sending support and well wishes about my Mum. A few of those emails made me blub........really kind words thank you.
One of my Mum's favourite songs is Flashdance by Irene of the lines in the song is 'take your passion and make it happen' now I have done this over the years with fitness. I found something I loved doing and I kept doing it untill I reached my goal. I took up running and completed Marathons, I started at the gym and now I can do 9 pull-ups (one off my target!!!) I even took that passion and made a career out of it!
Now I know that not everyone has that instant passion for fitness or healthy eating, a lot of people only do it because they know it is good for them, or they do it because they want to control their weight and some people are just too scared to try. Starting something new can be scary, however, no-one reaches their goals without acting out of their comfort zone!
First when there's nothing
But a slow glowing dream
That your fear seems to hide
Deep inside your mind
So whatever your dream may be........set your goal and work towards it!! To make changes you have to take action...........
Plus with all the squats we do in bootcamp you too could have a cracking looking arse in a leotard ;)
Andrea (love wearing leg warmers) Springthorpe

Don't let the bad shit get you down!

Whilst I was in Marbella I had some bad news as I found out that my Mum has secondary breast cancer. To say it was a shock is an understatement!!! My mum first had breast cancer 8 years ago, she had treatment, recovered and has been fit and well since.
Now I don't know about you guys, but I tend to take my parents for granted........I am lucky that mine are fit and well (apart from current situation obviously) and keep themselves healthy. Yes they may be a bit slower physically (and sometimes mentally ha!), have knackered knees but I am proud that they do what they do at their age........they would put some twenty year olds to shame. I have got used to them been fit and well and you just always imagine that they will stay that way.
The first few weeks after finding out I was a mess........I had this horrendous news, plus holiday blues! Nothing like getting off the plane with a bang! Now my mum on the other hand just seems to be 'getting' on with it......yes she has days where she feels scared, on the whole she is doing amazing, she is still going to work, coming to bootcamp and still seems to put a smile on her face. I admire her for her physical and emotional strength.
By the way my emotional strength whilst typing this is shit..........lets just say I will need to re-do my mascara before I go to work!
No-one knows what is round the corner, however, by keeping fit and healthy we can give ourselves the best chance of leading a long healthy good quality life! seeing my mum cope with treatment so well and bounce back so quick makes me realise that because she has looked after herself her body is strong enough to fight back and kick cancer in the nuts!!
By making good healthy lifestyle choices on a regular basis can only have a positive effect. I know myself that by eating healthy and taking regular exercise I am very rarely ill!
So if you want to make a difference and stay fit and healthy then click one of the links below!
Andrea (emotional wreck) Springthorpe

Sometimes you just need a kick up the arse!

Hello Guys,
Hope you had a good weekend? 
Yesterday was a real wake up call for me for two reasons...........first of all I did my weekly weight and measurements which I do once a week. I can't believe that for the first time ever my weight is 10 stone!! Now in all honesty I don't let my weight worry me too much as I know I have built muscle and that weighs more than fat, hence the weight increase. However my measurements have gone up, mainly round my waist and I have lost my abs booo!!
I also did the Leeds Abbey Dash which is a 10k flat race, I got my PB there a couple of years ago which was 44mins & 55 secs. Yesterday I did it in a shocking 5 minutes slower in a time of 50 minutes & 43 seconds. I felt heavy and sluggish on the way round (and I even stopped to go to the loo, which is also a first for me!)
Now since I got back from Marbella my focus on eating healthy has gone out of the window. I am still training hard, however I am not fuelling my body properly as the frequency of my 'treats' has gradually been increasing. I have started 'emotionally' eating. When I was in Marbella I had some bad news, as I found out that my mum has secondary breast cancer. It was a complete bombshell and for the first couple of weeks after finding out I lived in a complete daze. However I have noticed since that anytime I have felt upset or abit down I have been having comfort food, which in my case is in the form of sugar. This has now caught up with me and it is covering my abs in the form of a fat belly!
Now I constantly say to clients that you can't train your way out of a bad diet and to get real results you need to apply the 80/20 rule......80% diet, 20% exercise.
In a way I am glad that it took more of the tape measure to go round my waist and that I had a rubbish run as it gave me the massive kick up the arse I needed. Now I know that eating shit makes me feel shit and it just adds to the bad emotions I have when I reach for comfort food. It becomes a vicious circle! 
I have started the LifeForce Transformation plan today to get me in shape for I have been putting it off as I things coming up on a weekend over the next few weeks. However I know about these events so as long as I stick to the plan for the rest of the time I will get some great results, then come January I will be doing it 100%!
So don't let it get to a point where you are unhappy before you do something about it.........and remember it is never too late to take action, one small step is a step closer to your result!
Andrea (where are my abs) Springthorpe

Forget the 'douche bags' and hang out with positive people

Hi Guys,
Just a quick one today.......
Today I want to talk about how we attract certain types of people into our lives. Now you may have all heard the saying, surround yourself with supportive, positive people and good things start to happen?
I am a firm believer in this, how many times have you been around a negative, miserable person and came away completley drained as their mood has rubbed off onto you?
Now for those of you who read my emails will know that when it comes to men I attract complete I wouldn't say I'm a tosser so not sure why I attract so many into my life lol. Another type of guy I seem to attract is those in the forces. I have had two serious relationships with people in the Army (was even going to Marry one of them - thank god that never happened!) I have dated someone in the Marines and lost count how many guys who have chatted me up that turned out to be in the Forces or ex forces! I was even supposed to go on a date last week with someone in the when I agreed I didn't know he was in the Army and thankfully he got stuck at camp so never ended up going. I think Mr & Mrs S would kill me if I went home with another 'Army' my friends would too. I was actually telling my friend on Friday about the date I was supposed to go on and she said 'how do you do it? She said that she had never been asked out or chatted up by anyone in the Forces! Now I could understand if I stood outside a Barracks on a weekend with a sign saying 'hey guys ask me out'.........however I certainly don't do that, plus I live miles away from a Barracks lol.
It got me thinking though why do they all gravitate towards me? Now I do spend alot of my time in the gym or doing training, where I suppose alot of those who are in the forces hang out. Plus my business is called Fit 4 Force!! Now the first two tossers.....errr sorry relationships were before I even started my business, however I have always kept fit and perhaps that is what they were attracted to.........aswelll as my sparkling personality of course ha.
Plus if it wasn't for douche bag 1 & 2 I don't think I would have thought of the idea for my things do happen for a reason!
Now when it comes to training and my business I am blessed that I attract some amazing clients, who are committed, focused & who want to get results. The great thing I have noticed too is the camaraderie and the friendships that are forged through a mutual passion for health and fitness.
So if you want to join fitness sessions that offer more than just fitness then why not try us out. If you are in the 'Forces' you are welcome, just don't ask me out as it will be a no!
Andrea (sorry it wasn't that quick) Springthorpe

It's great to mix things up unless it's your drinks

 Hello Peeps........
Hope you've had a great weekend? Mine has gone so fast and it's suddenly Monday again.
Friday after work I headed straight to a bonfire, I had a rare Saturday morning off so had a really long lie in......I must have needed it! Had a night out with some of the boot camp crew celebrating one of my lovely clients Graduation, then lunch out followed by James Bond at the cinema yesterday.
Now I am not a big drinker, I only really drink when I go out (so I am actually probably the worst type of drinker!) Plus I have done sober for October so I have probably not had a drink in over 6 weeks......until Saturday. Now as I am getting older my tolerance of alcohol is less and I seem to suffer with hangover's for days. So I tend to drink 'Real Ale' when I go out, less chemicals and sugar compared to fruity drinks/cocktails etc. Plus it is the only thing that doesn't make me feel horrendus the day after. So Saturday night I 'started' on the Real Ale then lost my senses started drinking cocktails and mixing my drinks. What this led to was me getting very drunk (although I am a lightweight) and the night been a bit of a blur. I was one of the first ones to go home (which is not like me). It took me ages to get the key in the front door, when I eventually got in the house I had to crawl up the stairs and ended up being sick in my bin! Not at all attractive and I felt like death. Now I know this is happens when I mix my drinks, however at the time you tend to forget the last time you felt crap when you are busy enjoying yourself.
All I will say is that it's 'not big and not clever' 
It is good however to mix your training up. If you constantly do the same thing then your body gets used to it and then doesn't adapt. I recently did a session for a cycling club.......they are great cyclists, however when I did a core session with them they found it hard. Cross training and mixing your sessions up is a great way to get results.
Andrea (lightweight) Springthorpe

Even Boxers have trainers

Hello Guys........
Friday again, where has this week gone!? True what they say, the older you get the quicker time goes.
I had a conversation earlier this week and I was asked why really fit people come for training if they are already fit. It was the first time I was asked this......I am so used to the usual comments of 'I can't do bootcamp as I'm not fit enough'.
It's strange really as I always say that the idea of coming to bootcamp is to get fit. Anyway going back to the original comment of why those who are fit still come? Take any Sport.....we will use boxing as an example. A professional boxer at some point had no boxing experience what so ever........they will have had an interest in and found a class/coach. Then as they progress they will work with the coach on a regular basis, they will improve their fitness, technique, have someone pushing them to achieve their goals and eventually have their first fight.
This then turns into a second, third, fourth fight and so on and one day they will make it as a professional. However as soon as they have their first fight they don't sack their coach....... They work with them more to improve speed, power and learn how to avoid those punches!
Now in life we all take a few punches before we learn to get back up and fight back. That punch might be you do really well losing weight, then life takes over and you pile it all back on. It might be starting that fitness class which you find hard and don't want to go back. It is those that keep coming back and those that keep trying when the weight creeps back on that one day get the results they want. Unfortunatley there is no magic pill that makes us instantly thin or instantly fit. It take months even years of hard work, determination and dedication. Those that are fit that come to bootcamp still want the same motivation and pushing from a trainer as those that are walking through the door for the first time. No matter how good you are, being pushed and motivated by others can only make you stronger!
Just look at how many people boxers have in their 'corner' at a fight. They never go it alone and you don't have to either.
So wether you're an 'undercard' or main 'attraction' click one of the links below for some 'ringside' training
Andrea ('Corkscrew') Springthorpe

Forget motivation & take action

Hello Guys........
Hope you are having a great week so far?
The other day I watched a video on motivation and the guy in it asked the question what if motivation is bulls**t?
Now after I had watched it I thought alot of what he said made sense. So today I want to discuss it. I will use myself as an example :)
Now the amount of people that say to me how motivated I must be to train like I do and to run my own business. Now a lot of the time I would rather stay in bed than get up to train at 6am, I would rather go for my nails doing than sit and find inspiration for my emails and marketing and I would rather have a hot chocolate and scone as a snack over herbal tea and carrot sticks. However is doing what I feel like doing going to get me what I want? The answer is NO! I want to be fit & healthy and to look good in a bikini. I also want a successful business and to drive a Scirocco. So by doing all the above (what I feel like) is not going to get me what I want.
Now before a feeling comes a thought, which then often triggers an emotion. By doing the things we feel like doing only provides us with temporary comfort. We need to take action on what we want and not on what we feel like doing at the time.
The next time you don't feel like doing something, ask yourself will this get me what I want? If the answer is no then just get started, start by doing ten minute work-out at home, start making small changes in your diet. As soon as you get started you find that the rest falls into place.
The hardest part is getting started, so as soon as you focus on what you want and not what you feel like the everything will become easier. Then soon enough the thing what you want might actually start to be the thing you feel like doing :)
Andrea (not always motivated) Springthorpe

Wow that escalated quickly!

ello Guys........
Can you believe we are in November!! I must say that it is the warmest November I can remember. Yesterday I went running in shorts and then did some gardening. It was more like a September's day.
Anyway today I want to talk about a 'fakebook' status that escalated into a massive debate!
I put a status on my personal facebook page that got people talking, then arguing and then the whole thing carried on into a two day debate! One of my 'fake' friends on there even deleted and blocked myself and another friend after a few comments had gone back and forth. Now to be honest I won't lose any sleep on losing that friend! 
In the words of Ron Burgundy 'that escalted quickly'
 I'm not going to talk about 'the status' as I think that has had enough air time, however I want to talk  about the emotions that it stirred up in people. People that commented either felt passionate about what  I put or they could relate to the situation........for me it should how a situation can escalate out of control  very quickly.
Like healthy eating and exercise........things can escalate quickly. You can start by making a few bad choices one week, then that turns into every week, every day, every meal and before you know it your weight has escalated and you don't know what to do to achieve your goal. It can work the opposite way can start making small changes, start exercising once a week, then those small changes in your diet become large changes and before you know it you are exercising 3/4 times a week and following a healthy diet. Most importantly you are getting closer to your end goal!
All you have to do is plant the seed and watch things grow. So make the changes today and watch your health and fitness escalate into something that will make you feel better tomorrow and for the rest of your life.
Andrea (Anchor Lady) Springthorpe

Hate to say I told you so!

Hey Guys,

Just a quick one today..........

Listening to the experts does pay off. See an e-mail which I received today!

'Love your emails Andrea!! Really looking forward to my PT sessions this Saturday!! I honestly don't think I'd have got round to doing them if it wasn't for your emails'

So if you are still struggling with diet, exercise or both then now's the time to call the experts. Christmas is only 78 days away arrgghh!!

Andrea (glad I listened to the experts) Springthorpe

Knowing who to listen to!

Hey Guys,

Hope you've all had a good weekend? I had a nice chilled one........had a 'sleepover' at my friends on Saturday night, was so nice to sit in our fluffy dressing gowns and watch a chick flick whilst eating a Pink Magnum (cheat night!)

Saturday morning I was talking to 'dubious epsiode number 4' (all work related, don't worry I haven't gone soft!) and he mentioned something about my wealth e-mail that I sent on Friday. I think there was a dig in there about how 'interesting' it was!
Anyway that then started a discussion about the e-mails I send. He was basically saying that I send too many and that some of his clients (who are on my mailing list) send them to the spam folder!?

Now as the conversation unfolded about how many people he had discussed it with, I thought is working! My e-mails are starting conversations and many a time he has quoted me on something I have wrote about so he is obviously reading them! (Probably to see what I am writing about him haha!)

Now for those of you who weren't on my mailing list when I changed the style of my e-mails I will do a small recap.......dubious episode's were men in my life who treated me pretty shit or who started out nice and turned out to be dishonest. So the guy we are talking about today was number 4 out of my shit taste in men history.

The style of my e-mails changed after signing up to a Marketing mentor who sold his bootcamp business and moved to Marbella, so I know he was doing something better than me. No matter what knowledge or experience you have there is always someone who has more and it is a great way to learn.
Anyway back to Saturday as the conversation progressed I just stood and thought to myself am I going to listen and take advice from someone who
  • Lied to me
  • Used me when he felt like it (yes I know I'm an idiot for letting it happen)
  • On numerous occassions has told me how he hates me
  • And is working for someone else!
Or listen to the expert that was so successful he now lives in Marbella working a few hours a week!
Errrr no brainer! I might be a dumb arse when it comes to guys, however when it comes to business I listen to the experts.

On average it takes people 19 times to hear about you/from you before they decide to buy. So one e-mail a week would take 19 weeks before someone decides to even contact me. Times those e-mails by three and the time for contact reduces to approximately 6 weeks (which is still a long time!)

After work on Saturday I had to go pick up copies of the charity calendar I was in and needed a AA route planner printing. Dubious epsiode said that I would be able to use my phone and that printing a route plan out was what old people do!!! In a moments leave of my senses I decided to go with technology and save paper, only to find that as soon as I set off my signal disappeared! Now I must have homing pigeon senses when it comes to finding Fire Stations as I managed to get there!!! That situation just reiterated that I should do what I set out to do and not get swayed by other people! 

So when it comes to exercise and diet how many times are you swayed? 
By that cake in the office
By going out instead of training
By staying under the duvet instead of going to the gym.
Life is about choices.........
Choose to be fit & healthy or choose to remain the same!
Choose to listen to the experts or some 'Chancer Charlie'
No need to wait till the 19th time to contact me. Do it today and make those changes in your life now.
I why can't you?!
Can't wait to find out what conversation this email will start ;)
Andrea (love being talked about) Springthorpe

What is wealth?

Hey Guys,

Friday again and now we are in October!! Where is this year going?

Today I want to talk about wealth and what it is?
Now we have all at some point in life come across some wealthy people.........
Who talk about their massive business and fancy cars. But when you look at them closely what do you see.......normally dead people (I see dead people sprung into my mind then lol.......what film?) A person who is just focused on making the next £...and does not give two shits about their health....relationships or what they actually enjoy doing.

They sit there with their expensive suit buttons popping open because of all the rich food and wine they have over indulged in over the years...bragging about the next house or car they are buying...
They dont have "time" for anything...even exercise "oh no i dont have time for that" laughing it off?
So what is the point in working so hard...having all that money and not having any time?

The penny drops, now we all need money to pay bills and buy food however I want to help you understand what wealth is.........
Wealth is being happy, spending time with people you love and who love you....... and most of all being healthy. Waking up each morning knowing that you are doing everything you can to lead a happy healthy life.
It's really the simple things in life that make you happy...and what you see in the mirror. People can cover up what they see with fancy clothes and make up...but when you strip it all back what is really there?
Time to strip back the bullshit, realise what you are actually doing with your life and move forward. So if you are fed up with the person staring back at you in the mirror then now is the time to take action. The only person who can take the first step is you. Yes there are people to help, however you have to be the one who wants to be 'whealthy'

Moral of the story............It isn't money what makes you happy. Its experiences, accepting reality, relationships and a having a purpose.
Write down the top 5 things that make you happy today...and I bet all of them can be done with little or no money!

Have a great weekend and remember life is short, live it to the full and look after yourself. Remember quality wins everytime. The fitter you are the better quality of life you will lead!

Andrea (waking up each morning) Springthorpe

When the excess catches up with you!

Hey Guys,

Hope you have had a good weekend? Mine was quite busy yet I don't seem to have got much done!
By Friday I think I had just about recovered from Marbella, the troops are already asking when I am organising the next one, so now I have got over the last bootcamp abroad I am looking forward to organising next years.
All last week I was back on the healthy eating after the alcohol consumption in Marbella, it was hard sticking to it last week as I was really tired, a tad emotional and I just wanted comfort food. Now I did ok till Friday! Now Friday I had a date (shock I know!) Now what started out as going for a quiet curry ended up in a very drunken night (always a good sign of a first date though!) After the curry we ended up going for a few drinks, watching a live band and partying the night away.

Boy did I feel it the next day!! I had a PT client Saturday morning and after I had put him through his paces I went home and back to bed!! I then went to a Pool Party in the afternoon.......nothing like they have in Marbella I'm afraid! It was my friends daughters 1st birthday party. It was great fun! Then back to my friends for party food and cake! Now if I hadn't have felt hungover I wouldn't have eaten the Pizza and cake!! Then I called at my friends on the way home and as I hadn't had any tea she said that I could have some left over Pizza. Now this weekend was full of bad choices.......(apart from the date as he was a really nice guy and a FIREMAN whoop whoop!) Still in the Forces I know but at least he is not in the Army or my parents would disown me & friends slap me lol!

My food was full of bad choices! So when I went food shopping yesterday, my trolley was full of ingredients ready to start the LifeForce plan again and I have decided to do the sober for October so there won't be any alcohol for at least a month! Plus I did my weight and measurements like I do every Sunday morning and I could have cried at the scales! My weight has increased along with my waistline! I could tell when I was in my bikini on Saturday that my belly wasn't as flat as my first day on the beach in Marbs! Now to be honest I am not really bothered about the number on the scales, it is the number on the tape measure and how I look in a bikini that concerns me.

Last weekend I thought I had done well as I didn't seem to have put anything on after Marbella, I think it crept on this week along with the excessive weekend. So sometime's you think you have got away with making bad choices and more often than not it comes back to bite you on the bum or in my case increase my waistline!

Andrea (trying a different Force) Springthorpe

When shit things happen to good people

Hey Guys,
Friday be honest this week has passed in a complete blur! I don't think I have slept so much after time away. This time last week I was still laid on a sunbed topping up my tan and this week, well back to sorting PE kit and house badges (yawn!!). One benefit is that I'm back training you guys which I love doing (even if it is in the cold!)

I think alot of my tiredness was due to me stressing out before I went, nothing at all to do with the late nights and early morning's whilst away (honest!)
Other than having a blast in Marbella I have had a few personal things to deal with and one question has got me thinking.......'Why do shit things happen to good people?'

So many examples.......
There are so many extreme's of good and bad
Those who work damm hard, save money and have their own homes, to only lose their job and everything that goes with it
The scrotes who just live off the state and have never done a days work in their lives.

Those who never break the rules and get done for the odd time they were speeding (me ooops!)
Those who break the law all the time and get away with it!
Now the one thing out of everything that really pissess me off is......
Those that live a healthy active lifestyle and get ill!
Those who smoke, drink and stuff their faces with burgers on a regular basis and never get ill!

When I say get ill, I don't mean the odd cough or cold as we all get these occasionally, I mean something more serious, something that not only impacts that person, but their family also.
It seems like the biggest 'bitch slap' in the face when bad things happen to good people!
It does make you think well if I have been so healthy and still got XYZ then what is the point! 
Now there is a point........some people get an illness anyway even though they have been fit and healthy.....just think of how much worse it could have been if someone didn't look after themselves. Health & fitness is not only about prolonging our lives, it's also about helping us have a better quality of life now and  when we get older. The stronger, fitter and healthier we are makes us better at fighting whatever shit life has to throw at us. It makes you more determined to fight for the health you have and not just give in.

So the next time you are having a bad day or cant be arsed to exercise or call in the drive through on the way home........just stop and think is the shit you are putting into your body any good for you? There is someone out there who wants to train today but cant because they are too ill to do so and so what if you lost a big file on your computer.

Life is short, spend it with people you love, who love you back. Have fun, smile and never have any day it might be too late!

Andrea (believes in Karma) Springthorpe

Marbella V's Mirfield

Hola Amigo's

I bet you were all wondering whether we all made it back in once piece from Marbella........ the Sun, Sea & Burpee's Tour which myself and seven clients went on last week! I am pleased to say that we all made it back in one piece with no injuries. I can honestly say that we are broken from the late nights and early mornings but it was worth it.

I am now a dab hand at doing an omlette production line in a morning, I am however missing my siesta!
We had an action packed few days, we trained every day, we had a couple of wild party nights, we topped up our tans and on the whole we ate healthy. It is so amazing getting up at 7.30am and heading to the beach to do a training session. The dip in the sea afterwards certainly woke you up. I can honestly say that I could have not gone with a better bunch of people, we had such a laugh! My belly hurt from all the laughing when I got home.
One thing that I did find great was all the people who kept fit out there, we did a 7.30am bootcamp most mornings and also some in the evenings. Each time we trained we saw people running, walking, doing yoga on the beach and I don't think I saw one obese person whilst I was out there! Alot of the people keeping active were older too. I think we got a few curious looks when we were doing fitness sessions with the bands on the beach (note to self...... wear trainers when doing a band squat in the sand!!)

Whilst we were out there I organised for us to go to a local gym for some PT's to put us through our paces, oh boy did they do their job! I thought a couple of the bootcampers were goners at one was very hot however I have a hardcore bunch of people so they powered through!

The fact that we all got on and actually went in the first place, shows that exercise can not only bring you health benefits and make you look good, it can be social, you can make friends. You get to train with like minded individuals and even go exercise in the sun with them. I want to say a massive thank you to all my customers (aka friends) that made all the stressing before I went away all worth while!

I got home Friday night, put my washing into piles and slept! I don't think I have felt quite human since I got home. I know Sunday was depressing, it was cold, miserable I went to do my food shop and every other person seemed to be a chav or overweight stuffing a Macdonalds down their necks. Then we were all back at bootcamp on Monday, wearing shorts and vests ready to show off our tans and it was bloody freezing! 
Marbella V's Mirfield.........I know which gets my vote!!

Doing the bootcamp abroad was a new experience for me and one that I will never forget! It has made me more determined to work hard so one day I can buy my own Spanish Villa to do a few bootcamps abroad every year! 
I could write 5 or 6 e-mails about what happend on tour, however like most tours.......what happened in Marbella, stays in Marbella (or goes on facebook ha!)

So if you want to train with like minded individuals, get fit and make friends then why not give us a go. Everyone that came to Marbella was a newbie and one time and now look at them!

Andrea (got a great tan) Springthorpe

50 shades of screwed up

Happy Friday Guys!

Hope you have all had a great week, trained hard and eaten healthy ready for the weekend!
Now I know I am behind the times and four years after the launch of 50 shades of grey I have finally read the first two books! I read them on my holiday when I went earlier this year. I actually saw the film before I read the book!

Anyway today I thought I would talk about it........I can only comment on the first two books as I am yet to read the third ( no doubt there will be an update when I have!)

Ok so Mr Grey is one screwed up individual! He is cold, controlling, jealous, he can't express his emotions and enjoys inflicting pain on his subs! Now he sounds abit of a dick when you put it like that, however when you get into the crux of the story he had a pretty crappy childhood and was a submissive himself when he was only 15 so he has never known any better! He is actually a weak, broken man and this is the only way he knows how to have a relationship without getting hurt. Untill of course he meets Miss Steele! She doesn't agree to his controlling ways and doesn't want to be whipped or enter the red room of pain on a regular basis. By the end of the second book she has melted his heart and he falls in love with her.

When I was reading the book I actually thought, wow, I attract the same kind of guys (I don't mean any of that kinky shit before you start thinking that) I mean I tend to attract guys that have had some kind of heartache before they met me which they were still trying to fix, or wanting me to fix! They then switch their insecurities round on me by becoming controlling, jealous, treating me bad and complete dumb arses!
Now some of you might think that I am like Mr Grey and that I like infliciting pain on people, that's why you often call me the evil instructor hahaha

Now you can relate some of these traits to health and fitness. Alot of people do the same type of training or eat the same type of food for years, without getting results because they don't know any different. Or someone once told them XYZ and they have followed their advice, when actually it wasn't the best for them.
Some of you use food as a way of control or a way of suppressing your emotions. How many times do you have a shit day and reach for a glass of wine or a bar of chocolate? You only have to watch the films to know that everytime a women has her heart broken she eats a tub of ice cream! (I would like to add I have never actually eaten a full tub of ice cream after a break up lol!)

So if your diet and exercise regime is 50 shades of f****d up then contact someone who can help, I can inflict the right type of pain to get you results ;) 

Andrea (I'll kick your butt into shape) Springthorpe

Fit Instructor or Fat Instructor

Hello Guys!
Last week I read an article in the REPS magazine which I receive each month. For those of you who don't know, REP's stands for Register of Exercise Professionals. This is a register that all reputable fitness instructors and personal trainers sign up for. Now you probably dont give a shit what qualifications I have, but if you do then you can find me on there!
Anyhow in this months issue there was a debate .......Do you need to look fit to be a personal trainer/fitness instructor?
Now there was one side saying yes defo and the other saying it was the results that people get you that count.
Now looks can be decieving. Someone could have been in awesome shape when they were younger and then decided to stop training themselves and start training others instead. They might be great at what they do, but now look like they have been driving a truck for 30 years!
Now being fit and healthy means different things to different people. It's not just about being slim and having a great butt...... healthy skin & hair & being positive also play a part of a healthy image.
Now there were points in both sides of the debate that I agreed with. However for me I believe that looking good is a big part on promoting what you do. How motivating is it if someone is overweight and shouting at you in a session that gets out of breath whilst doing so and can't show you one press-up? You would leave the session feeling annoyed or fantastic that your fitter than the instructor! Then on your way home you see the instructor in a Macdonalds drive through working on building their gut up ha!
I enjoy training so the only time I expect to put weight on is when I get pregnant with warrior children! In all seriousness I see it as part of my job, I practice what I preach. I train hard, eat healthy and I pass that passion for looking and feeling great onto my clients. Yes I am human and I have cheat days and the odd treat, but like anything it has to be done in moderation. I love bumping into people I train at the supermarket, my trolley is full of healthy natural food and they always say how healthy my trolley looks! There might be the occasional scone buying in there (my number one treat) but the rest is all good.
Last year I made the mistake of not going with my gut feeling........ I often take on work placement students who are studying for the same degree that I did. James, my cover instructor was my first work placement student and he is one of the best decisions I made. Then I had 'crazy Karen' who is also a star and often covers sessions for me. However last year I had a student contact me to do work placement. They didn't turn up to the initial meeting and so I had written them off. They contacted me saying they had got lost and would I give them a second chance. So I thought everyone deserves a second chance so I met with them. When I did, I thought they don't really look the part, but it was about gaining experience. Now this student was lovely but just lacked motivation, they were overweight and out of shape. They even sold herbal shite which says it all. People that take that shit end up looking like the product they are taking!!!
Now I thought it was me being harsh, however, when clients started to comment on them I realised it wasn't me being picky. Clients often commented on how bored they looked in the sessions, how they didn't motivate them, how they looked unfit and unhealthy. One even said if they were training to be a personal trainer then they would never hire them as they look like they have never been in a gym!
So there is my answer! My clients agree with what I think.
Yes you do have to look the part, and get people results........which I may add I have got people great results over the last four years I have been training them.

fit 4 force small

Andrea (off to the gym soon) Springthorpe