Tuesday, 30 July 2019

You know you're an adult when you get your own car vac!

Ok so the first thing I want to say is that I have been bit slack on the blog front, I could sit and tell you my excuse that last week I was away with work, then in London at the weekend. However, the truth is I should have been organised and done it before I went. Like with many things in life it is easier to make an excuse than to sit and get the job done.

Today I want to talk about how a few weeks ago I finally became a responsible adult and purchased my own car vac! To most this isn't a big deal, to my Mum & Dad it is great news as I no longer have to go and borrow theirs when I want to clean my car.

They are probably now on count-down for the day I collect all my boot camp kit out of their garage, stop pinching their cashew nuts & peanut butter every time I visit ;) and to stop speed dialling my Dad every time my car makes a noise or my washer doesn't work properly.

I have cleaned my car on a regular basis ever since I have had my own car, as I am writing this I am thinking how I need to go to the car wash as it is a dusty mess after motorway driving.....I digress.

You could say that I have been committed to keeping my cars nice and clean over the years. However, I confess that I go to a very good car wash and let the guys there get it gleaming, and up until recently I have relied on my folks to use their vac, window clean etc to keep the interior nice and clean.

So after many years I decided to take responsibility and invest in my own vac. How many can say the same when it comes to taking responsibility for health and fitness?

It is so easy to blame a situation, someone else or not being equipped with the right tools to make a difference. However, as adults we have to be responsible for what we eat, how often we exercise and keeping ourselves healthy. We also need to be role models to children so they make the best choices as adults.

So if you feel like you are ready to be an adult and take charge of your own health & fitness click one of the links below.....

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Click here to ditch the candy
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Thursday, 18 July 2019

Marathon Training V Relationships

In my last blog (which I have realised was a couple of weeks ago!) I spoke about how I changed my original blog style of 'hints and tips' to real life issues so people can get to know the person behind Fit 4 Force.

Now I remember my first 'authentic' blog I related fitness to some of my previous relationships.... I remember the backlash I got from one disgruntled ex when I was away on holiday :)

So today I want to share my relationships through the eyes of a runner - I thought I would use this activity as this is what started my love of fitness.

The start of any journey or training is very exciting, you run a couple of 5k's and you think you have enough experience to run a Marathon. So you set off on a training plan, excited as it is something new and you find out that you love what you are doing and have the endurance to keep going - you are near the finish line and then your training partner decides to drop out! You carry on to the end, deflated, upset and heart broken as the dream of crossing the finish line together never happened.

After realising it was probably too soon to go from a 5k to a Marathon you ditch any thoughts of long distance and do some speed training instead. You carry on with this for a while with the odd 5k and even 10k thrown in there before you realise that you want to have another shot at long distance.

The new improved marathon training comes out and this time you have more 10k's and half marathons under your belt so you know what to expect, you know that the best results are obtained when you have a mix of endurance running, tempo training and plenty of speed sessions! The training for the second Marathon felt easier, more fun and the pain of crossing the finish line wasn't as bad as the first.

Post Marathon blues kick in, so you go on holiday to recover, come back fresh and ready to do some more speed sessions! 5ks & 10ks come and go and then you decide that a half marathon might be the next option, before jumping straight into a full marathon. You finally feel ready to embark on another Marathon and then realise that your training partner is training with several other people at the same time! If this doesn't fit with your plan then this is the time to go back to solo training.

You may come across other training partners who seem the perfect fit, then you find out that they are flaky when it comes to training, missing sessions or ones that have been badly injured by previous Marathons that they are scared to take a risk to try again.

Life, training and relationships are not a one size fits all. However, I believe the most successful training is achieved with a mix of endurance, speed and strength. So whatever training you decide to do never neglect the intervals!!

If you want help mixing all the elements of training in your regime then click one of the links below......

Click here to mix your training up
Click here to avoid post Marathon bingeing
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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Pretty pretty please, don't you ever ever feel......

Like you're less than, less than perfect, Pretty pretty please, if you ever, ever feel like you're nothing
You're perfect to me!

Today's blog had to be a tribute to my amazing weekend which I spent in London to see Pink in concert! I have seen her before, however, the last time was about ten years ago so I was really looking forward to seeing her again. It was a hot weekend in London and my first time at Wembley Stadium!

Her concert alone was amazing as she did acrobats in the air whilst singing! What is also amazing is how authentic she is, she writes songs about 'real issues' and promotes how everyone should love themselves even if they are different to what society perceives as being normal. I think this is why she is so successful - people get to see the 'real her' through her music.


I can relate to this when I write my blog, when I first started writing blogs for Fit 4 Force I used to write about general hints and tips related to health and fitness, which if I am honest I found it hard to come up with new content and often got bored writing it, so god knows what people thought reading it!

It was probably 4  or 5 years ago when I had signed up to a bootcamp marketing course and was advised to show the real me.......warts and all! So that is when the style of my blogs changed, I wrote about real life issues - which I always try relate to fitness and I enjoyed writing them! This is something which can be hard - to put yourself out there can make you vulnerable and open to criticism.

Luckily for Pink I can't hold a tune for toffee, otherwise she might have competition lol!

Feeling vulnerable is something which people often feel when they embark on a new fitness journey.......the fear of attending the first class, the fear of not being able to keep up, the fear of not knowing if you will get the results you want and even the questions of whether you are wearing the right clothes! The list can go on!

When clients come to train with me I want them to know who I am, I not saying I am the best trainer in the world, however, what you see is what you get. There are days I don't feel like training, there are days when I want to sit and eat chocolate and have one to many sociables......I am, human after all. The hardest part with anything in life is getting started and be consistent.

Anyone can make a change, learn to believe in yourself, learn to love the person you are and be true to yourself. Time to get 'The Party Started' on health and fitness!

Click here to 'Run just as fast as I can'
Click here as 'You gotta get up and try'
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