Sunday, 30 October 2016

Last week I got plenty!

Hi Guys,
Hope you all had a good weekend?
Last week was half time and it was the first time in ages I got plenty........of sleep! Prior to half term I had been working long hours, training loads and not getting enough sleep. I am an 8 hour a night kinda girl and when I consistantly don't get enough it takes it toll.
I get so I want to eat loads....of the wrong foods, which is not great when following a healthy diet, I also cant concentrate the same and feel like I need an afternoon sleep. So last Sunday I didn't set my alarm and I got up at 1.30pm!! I cant remember last time I slept in so much. I was out the night before, however I still slept for over 10 hours!
Last week was great getting my full 8 hours every night of the week, so I am making sure I am getting to bed earlier during the week so I don't feel as crap as I did the run up to half term. Although when I was off and had the odd lie in I felt so guilty!! Does anyone else get that or is it just me!?
Now how many times have you heard people say sleep is over rated? Well I disagree....not having enough sleep can have detrimental impact on your health.......your immune system becomes low so makes it harder to fight off colds, flu and infections. If you are tired you are more likely to gain weight, your hormones are affected and you are more likely to cling onto fat or eat too much. The less sleep you have the less you remember...your memory becomes affected and it is often hard to concentrate. Plus if you are sleep deprived you are less likely to exercise!
So aim to get 7-8 hours a night and see the difference :) 
Andrea (8 hour a night girl) Springthorpe
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Whatever your reason, just do it!

Hi Guys,
Hope you are all having a good week? I could quite get used to being a lady of leisure and having time off during the week ;)
Anyway vback to reality! Yesterday I spoke about how lifestyle choices can impact the chance of getting cancer. Now to me that is one massive reason to change your lifestyle, however for some that might not be the case. If it is something that isn't relevant to you at the time then it might just be another statistic to you.
There are many reasons why people embark on a new training regime or a healthy diet plan, it might be to lose weight, to get fitter, to achieve a goal or just to look and feel better.
Now exercise and diet should be something that can be maintained, whenever we follow something that is so extreme this is normally when we fail! Its not all about looking better, its also about feeling better, being more healthy and feeling stronger and more energised. 
So whatever your reason may be, click one of the links below to become a better version of yourself :)
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Andrea (doing it for my future) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Friday night viewing had me booing!

Hi Guys,
Hope you have had a good weekend and a great start to the week?
Last Friday night I was watching the stand up to Cancer programmes and it turned me into an emotional wreck! One because it is a topic which has touched our family directly over the last year and also because I am a soft buggar. As soon as I see someone cry.......I cry!
There was a New York Doctor on the programme (a rather dishy one at that) and he was explaining how smoking and obesity are the main causes of most cancers! In one hand I was shocked and on the other hand I thought to myself that at least this is something that can be prevented by lifestyle changes.
So I googled some stats and smoking, diet, alcohol and obesity cause over 100,000 cancers!!! That's the equivalent of 1/3 of cancers diagnosed!! Being overweight can cause Colon, Breast, Kidney, Gallbladder, Ovaries and Pancreas cancers...that is a bloody lot of cancer that can be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight and making some lifestyle changes.
Now I hope that I have many years left in me yet as there are lots of things I want to achieve in my life and lots of places I would love to if you feel the same click one of the links below and do the best you can to lead a longer, healthier life.
fuck you cancer
Andrea (so emotional) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The grass isn't always greener

Hello Troops,
Hope you are all having a good week? I am on the countdown to half term, I cant wait to have a few days off and just chill out.....something I don't do enough of!
My phone contract was due for renewal and the deals that were on offer with my current service provider weren't that great, so after years of being a loyal customer I switched providers.........boy am I regretting that decision! Nearly as much as the many bad decisions I have made with regards to men lol.
Anyway my nice new shiny handset arrived along with a FREE tablet, my number was switched over last week and I have had problems ever since. I think technical support and customer service recognise my voice I have been on with them that much. I even called into a store to try solve the problem. I can receive calls and texts I just cant get any internet unless I am connected to wi-fi.....not great when you are hardly at home and need your phone for business!
grass greener
Anyway after getting rather p**sed off with my new provider I phoned back my old ones to see if they could match the deal........luckily for me they managed to get near enough for me to change back (which is still all in the process but won't bore you with it all!)
Now if you are happy with something, whether that's a product or a service then I would recommend to stick to it. Customer service is a massive priority when I decide on buying something, the fact that the issue isn't resolved was an issue, the bigger issue was that no-one seemed to know what they were doing!
So if you want to come along to exercise sessions where you will receive customer loyalty and stay where the grass is already green then click one of the links below.
Andrea (need to stick to what I know) Springthorpe
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Sunday, 16 October 2016


Hello Guys,
Hope you have had a good weekend? Mine has been alot 'dryer' than last weekend when I was on my friends hen do. I was round at my friends fo a 'girls' night in.... I was back on the H2O as back on my competition prep now.
I was in the gym changing rooms last week and I was listening to a conversation in there, one lady was telling her friend how she did the Dryathlon in September and only drank three times! I couldn't help chuckle to myself as from what I can gather the idea is not to drink at all! As the conversation unfolded the lady said that she normally drinks 3-4 times a week so I suppose three times in one month is a massive improvement.
This got me thinking about how people tackle lifestyle changes in different ways......I am pretty much an all or nothing person so I find it easier just to cut things out where some people find baby steps easier and cut things out gradually. 
Its the same with training, if you starting something new you either start gradual or throw yourself in the deep end. Whichever category you come under we can help.
We have training packages which cater for those who want to train once, twice or upto times a week. Whatever size your step may be, taking it is the important thing. So however big or small, click one of the links below. 
Andrea (dry again) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Girls Just want to have fun!

Hello Guys,
Hope you have all had a good weekend?
I was away in Newcastle (Y I Man) for my friends hen do. We had such a blast, we did an Old School Sports day on the Saturday which was such a laugh. Although doing wheel barrow races after Prosecco and a burger is not a great idea lol! Now its a long time since I have been on a 'proper' night out with full on drinking as I have spent the last few months prepping for my comps. I have to say I was proud of myself as I managed to stay out late and remembered most of the night lol.
Now because I know I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking I drank water through out the night with my alcohol, it stopped me getting trollied and stopped me getting a hangover......RESULT! Now drinking water doesn't stop hangovers however it can help prevent them and stop dehydration (main cause of hangovers!)
Now when I was on the hen do I learnt a couple of was to avoid men that slap your arse, then lick your face to apologise (yes that is the kind of idiots that I seem to get on nights out) and the second was that if you do something well then why not tap into other watch this space for Fit 4 Force 'Old School Sports Day'. 
Have a great week guys and I am looking forward to trying something new. 
girls just wanna have fun-282154

Andrea (love Espresso Martini's) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Only downgrade in certain situations

Hello Troops,
Hope you are all having a good week? Today I had a situation that when I got home I thought, wow look how far I have come. I was at an event for work and one of the people there was my ex fiancee's wife! Now if she was just his wife then it might not have been such a defining moment, however she is someone who made my life hell by sending me numerous hate messages and attacked me in a nightclub and put me in A&E #rough
This was a long time ago now, however, on the handful of occasions I have bumped into her/him in the past I have always felt bit nervous.......until today. Today was different, today it was like I didn't know her and even when I saw him turn up I didn't think anything of it......other than how far I had come and what a lucky escape I had! Also by him doing a downgrade actually upgraded my life. How many other people have noticed that with an ex? They always seem to a do a downgrade afterwards (happened with most of mine lol).
exs downgrade
When it comes to health & fitness up & downgrades work hand in hand...........
You upgrade your eating habits to healthy ones, you downgrade your body fat
You downgrade your unhealthy lifestyle and you upgrade your health
Upgrade your exercise, upgrade your fitness and body composition
The list could go on but you get my drift. Sometimes you just to make small changes to what you are doing to get results. When I look back I have made mistakes in relationships and in my diet.......I thought because I trained a lot I could eat what I wanted! You can't train your way out of a bad diet, nor in the case of my past dubious episodes (ex's) polish a turd ;)
So if you want help to upgrade your behaviour and leave the downgrades behind click one of the links below.
Andrea (saved money on a divorce) Springthorpe
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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Bridget finally did it!

Hi Guys,
Hope you have all had a good weekend? I just want to thank everyone who came to the Macmillan coffee evening on Friday, thanks to those who donated and also baked. We raised £150.00 which I thought was great for only an hour!
hottest girlfriend
This weekend I went to watch Bridget Jones, talk about laugh out loud comedy! I was worried I might fall asleep now that the showcase has those big reclining comfy chairs......anyway I managed to stay awake, it was far too funny to be falling asleep.
Now I won't spoil the plot for you, however, one thing that was referenced in the film was that Bridget finally had hit her target weight. Now if you have watched the other two films her weight is something which she talks about a lot as it is something she struggles with. She looked great, attracted a couple of guys and fulfilled her wish of having a baby. Now I'm not saying if you get in shape you automatically get a relationship and start a family. However if you are happy and healthy then you ooze attractiveness.
Don't be like Bridget and struggle for years, click one of the links below and let us help you reach your target. Now I am not saying I can help with your relationship and starting a family.........although having said that I have had people meet at bootcamp who are now married and one girl who was struggling to get pregnant did the LifeForce plan and now has a baby #justsaying
Click below and let us help :)
Andrea (my life is like a Bridget Jones movie) Springthorpe
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