Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Hi Guys,

Hope you have all had a good weekend and week so far? My weekend consisted of a Hot tub party and a Wedding (watch out for my next blog on hot tubs ;)

This year I have a big birthday coming.......40 arghhh! And it seems to be flying round quicker than Usain Bolt completing the 100 metres!

After my holidays I had what is known as the holiday blues and started to feel fed up at the prospect of turning 40! I was even going to cancel my party that I have booked!! Then I had a word with myself and got over it!

In reality it is just a number, however, it got me thinking about the things which I still want to achieve in my personal life......having said that each birthday should be celebrated and I am happy that I am nearly at 40's door, a luxury that some people don't get!

Some things in life we can't control or put a time limit on and somethings we can, like our health and fitness. Turning 40 has given me some inspiration,  I have set myself some new goals and I aim to help 40 people achieve their health and fitness goals by my Birthday in December. Health and fitness has been a big part of my life....... growing up via my folks and from my early twenties it has become part of my daily routine and career!

From 8th October our new package #MISSION40 is launched, and in honour of those who are turning or have turned 40 this year I will be giving the first month at a discounted rate #bornin1978

Some of you reading this may think 40 is miles away and for some it will be a distant memory. I honestly don't know where the last ten years have gone, I blinked and they disappeared! So if you want help in achieving your health and fitness goals, then click one of the links below or contact me on the below number.
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Andrea (is now embracing middle age!) Springthorpe
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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

When it comes to 'House every weekend'

Yesterday I was driving home from work and I was flicking through the radio stations and after being bored with what I was listening to I decided to put a CD on (CD I know, I still have them!)

The CD was one that I had bought to copy for my sessions and liked it so left in the car. Now the CD was a 'Very best of House Music, which if someone had asked me if I was into House Music I would have said no. My answer would have been based on a perception I had of house music and not actually knowing what house music was........I googled it and the description is below.

House music is a genre of electronic dance music created by club DJs and music producers in Chicago in the early 1980s

After listening to the CD most of the music I like comes under the 'House Music' genre!

The same goes for exercise.......people often say they don't like it without trying different types. On the flip side to that people can be having fun and being active without actually realising they are exercising.

This was the case on Sunday, we had a family fun day at a local park. Armed with equipment and packed lunches we had three hours of games and socialising. We had team relays, rounders, tug of war, hula hooping..........those activities brought lots of laughs, some competitive streaks came out and most of all we were exercising without realising we were doing so.

Sometimes we become blinkered in what we enjoy or think that we might not like something because of a previous perception. Just give something a go, you never know you might enjoy it!

Click one of the links below to have your mind changed!

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Andrea (forgot how much fun rounders is) Springthorpe
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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Dating V Fitness

Hello Troops,

I know it's been a while since I have updated you on my dating, well quite frankly dating over the age of 35 is proving worse than sticking needles in my eyes! The straw that broke the camels back was when I was supposed to have a date at the weekend - I suggested meeting him for coffee and the vibe I was getting wasn't great so I ended up cancelling. I then received a message calling me weird for wanting to meet for coffee!

Dating in a world of swipes is grim, what happened to old school dating where you met a guy got on and took it from there?

This situation got me thinking and made me realise that dating and fitness are not dissimilar. 
  1. There are those who want a quick fix
  2. Those who expect results after one session
  3. Those that go all out at first then have burn out after a few months
  4. Those that blame someone else when they don't get the results they want
  5. And finally those who are consistent, who commit to long term results and realise that you don't get results overnight!
Number 5 for me is something we should inspire to be (whether that is in fitness or dating!)

If you have patience, want a lifestyle change and want long lasting results then you have to commit to regular exercise and be consistent when it comes to healthy eating.

So if you want help to commit to be fit then click one of the links below.
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Click here to be consistent with healthy eating
Andrea (might have better look searching in tesco) Springthorpe
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