Friday, 13 February 2015

Diet.........A Way of Life

Well we are half way through February and I wanted to ask how those New Year resolutions and healthy regimes are going?
I know I found January hard to get back into the swing of things……..I was back at work, doing my own training, eating healthy and I felt overloaded! I think I went from zero to trying to be a hero instead of starting back gradually. I am now half way through my LifeForce Transformation plan and I feel great, full of energy and starting to lose the Christmas excess.
I was shocked after Christmas to discover that someone who attends my boot camp had been told by her slimming club not to exercise as it won’t help her lose weight!!!!! Now as a fitness instructor I thought it was common sense that healthy eating AND exercising was the way to get results! It really brought it home to me that people need educating in this area. People seek advice and put trust in the person giving it…….. whether it is right or wrong!
Now for a start the word DIET alone is misconstrued in modern day society. It suggests something that is restrictive, short term and unsustainable. The true meaning of the word DIET is ‘way of life’ or ‘manner of living’. How many times do you hear of people following a ‘fad’ diet or taking a shake instead of having a meal, or even taking pills to help them lose weight? Now all these may work in the short term, but how sustainable are they? NOT AT ALL………. Most people who follow these fads end up putting the weight back on, plus more besides. People should look for a lifestyle change, not a quick fix!
Sugar is the main culprit in most people’s downfall………I know I love a sugary snack every so often, but it is when it becomes a regular habit that it becomes an issue. The more you eat sugar (sweet, cakes, biscuits etc.) then the more your body craves it and you feel sluggish and tired all the time. If you think of your body in the same way as a car…….you wouldn’t dream of putting diesel in a petrol car or vice versa. If that were to happen then the car either wouldn’t run efficiently or run at all. The same goes for the human body, fuel it right and it will last and run great for years!

So ditch the shakes, pills, fads and start a healthy eating and exercise regime. Let your DIET be a ‘way of life’ rather than a restrictive, sin and point based bad habit!