Sunday, 29 July 2018

Soon forgot the day 16 degrees felt warm

So this weekend the joggers & hoody have been out and there have been times when I have felt....dare I say it cold!! The crazy thing is that it has still been 16/17 degrees one point I would have though that was warm enough for shorts!

We have had an amazing summer and it shows how quickly we acclimatise to the warm weather. Friday was a very sweaty bootcamp.....even I got a sweat on watching everyone ;) Then I stepped out the front door on Saturday morning and it felt so fresh after the rain we had Friday night.

I called at the shop Saturday morning and someone was moaning about the it a British thing where we seem to moan at everything? Too hot, too cold, too dry, too much rain blah blah.....

The same goes for exercise, 'moaning about not getting the results, but not willing to change'!

I was quite shocked how I felt cold when it is 16 degrees, however, our bodies soon adapt to the conditions it is put under. The same goes for exercise, when we first start to exercise and follow a healthy diet we often see results straight away.....then we start to plateau. If we keep doing the same thing for a prolonged period of time our body gets used to it. That's when we need to shock it and try something different.

Your training sessions should be varied and progressive, diet should be consistent and you should always be out of your 'comfort zone' with any type of training. The problem with most people is they struggle with variety and don't always try different training techniques.

If this sounds like you and you feel the need to mix it up and challenge yourself then click one of the links below.

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Andrea (forget what my hoody looked like) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 24 July 2018


Well this weekend I got to help celebrate one of my best friends Wedding! I had the honour of being one of the bridesmaids and it truly was an amazing day!

I have known my friend for about 30 years! (I know we don't look old enough lol) We first met at majorettes when I was nine years old.......who would have thought that 30 years later we are still friends. In fact the group of girls in the picture are my 'majorette' friends and we have all stayed in touch and they are some of my closest friends.

Like with any relationship, whether that is friendship or a marriage you have to be consistent. Make an effort on a regular basis then the relationship stays in tact. If we hadn't made the effort over the years then our friendship would have fizzled out as quick as our baton twirling skills...(although we are not too bad at it still lol). There have been times we don't see enough of each other, however, we know that we are all there for each other.

Exercise and healthy eating is like a marriage, you have to commit to doing it on a regular basis, there might be days you want out and want to sit in and eat cream cakes instead of training or cooking something healthy. However, as long as this is a rarity rather than regular occurrence then you will get the results you want.

Life, love, friendships, health and fitness all come with hurdles along the is how you tackle those hurdles that determine the outcome.

Andrea (now I want to get married) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Even Wonder Woman needs a day off!

Can you believe it is nearly the summer holidays and that most schools break up this Friday! You will be pleased to know that Fit 4 Force sessions keep going so you can still blitz those bodies into shape!

Since I got back from Ibiza my weekends have been pretty full on with hen do's, endurance events, anniversary parties and concerts. Last week at work I think all these events caught up with me as I felt exhausted!

I was booked in to do a 10k race on Saturday, then go for afternoon tea. However I made the decision not to go and do the race and just to have a day where I didn't need to set an alarm or have to be at a certain place for a certain time.

I am the first to admit that I very rarely relax and just sit and do nothing, I am constantly on the go whether that is for work, training or my social life and every so often it hits me! It is hard to admit that I am not Wonder Woman and the fact that I don't bounce back like I did when I was younger. In fact it is like getting over minor surgery after one night out!!

Now I know I have spoken about this in the past, however, rest days and getting enough sleep is as important as training and eating healthy. Rest and sleep allows our bodies time to recover and repair. I am probably the worst one for taking my own advice, until I get to the point where my body makes the decision for me! We need to listen to our bodies, if you feel run down, tired, ache all the time then this is probably a good sign that you need a rest!

Even Wonder Woman needs a rest day!

So if you want to get the most out of your training without having to train every day and run yourself into the ground then click one of the links below.
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Andrea (not Wonder Woman in disguise) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

A weekend of celebrations #itscominghome

Hello Troops,

Well I think this weeks blog has to be on the events of the weekend! First off Fit 4 Force celebrated 7 years in business whaooo and secondly I think there was a football event on ;) 

Joking aside massive shout out to the England squad and I am sure I am not the only one who will be cheering them on tomorrow night! I will be honest I don't follow football normally, however, this World Cup has been fantastic and seems to have brought the nation together. England are doing fantastic with what is a relative young & inexperienced team of players.

Saturday was a great day.....watching England win then we celebrated 7 years in business with a meal and a boogie. Now when I ask clients to do Burpees in a session I can feel the daggers in the back of my head, yet get them on the dance floor after a few drinks and they want to do them off their own back ;)

I can honestly say that the last 7 years has been a roller coaster which I have enjoyed. There has been ups and downs, laughs and tears but most of all for me is enjoyment! I feel like a proud Mum every time someone hits a new goal or does something they thought they couldn't.

If we are honest not many of us thought England would get as far as they have, however, they have proved us wrong and seem to be getting stronger as a team.

The same goes for exercise, there might be things which you think are unachievable, things you think you cant do, however, with the right support, motivator and team mates you can do it! Last night we had our very own World Cup themed and fun is what it is all about!

Andrea (7 bloody years!) Springthorpe
07949 959 547

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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Enjoy rather Endure it!

Hi Guys,

Hope you have had a good weekend and still making the most of the lovely weather. The super soaker has been a regular addition at boot camp over the last few weeks!

This weekend I did an endurance event, Endure 24......24 hours of relay running which started on Saturday at 12 noon and finished on Sunday at 12 noon. There were a group of us which took part, we had two teams of 5, two teams of 4, two duos and one solo runner!!

Now I will be honest I was dreading the weekend, I did the event last year and on the last lap (5 x laps - 25 miles) I shed a tear as I was in so much pain and completely exhausted!! Now I think I must of blocked that part of it out when I was asked to do it again as I agreed to go for more torture.

Now if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that my goal posts have changed when it comes to running, I much prefer interval training than pounding out mile after mile steady state running. The most I had run up to the event was 6 miles so I knew I wasn't prepared.

Each leg was 5 miles, however, when the laps accumulate you cover a lot of miles.....which I didn't have in my legs. So with this in mind combined with the heat, it was something I wish I hadn't signed up for.

The bonus about it being hot was that it made camping more bearable, we had more of a laugh at base camp and I didn't have to pack as many warm clothes!

Myself and my running buddy (who is also an interval queen) completed the first lap with some of the other people from other teams from our group, steady paced.......OMG it dragged like hell, my legs hurt, my Achilles was giving me bother and all I could think of was the pain I was in last year on my final lap!

So after that we decided to do each lap as in a way the whole event was interval training, you did a lap had some rest then went again. However, we had to make the 5 mile laps more enjoyable. So our second lap we did as went so much quicker and I enjoyed it rather than endured it! Plus my legs and my Achilles didn't hurt as much! We did interval training for the remaining laps, we completed one more lap than last year (30 miles) and I could have done another if someone had forced me to do so. The experience was completely different to last year. In fact I have taken part in lots of endurance events over the years and this is the one where I have completed the most miles!

Now I was still tired, my legs still fact so did my abs from the faster paced running, but I wasn't in agony like previously! Plus my fat burning would have increased by doing intervals instead of steady state running. For me mentally it was so much easier doing the laps as a training session I enjoyed....if your mind is in the game it is amazing how the body responds.......basically we did 5 miles of steady state then 25 miles as intervals!!

Anything that I do it has to have an enjoyment factor, work, exercise, socialising, if not what is the point!?

When it comes to exercise we all want something which gives us results, however, to get and maintain those results it has to be enjoyable.......if we have to endure something rather than enjoy it then sustainability goes out of the window.

I have tried different training techniques over the years, I used to be a plodding penguin over the years and now I have turned into an interval inferno (well in my head I have lol). I actually never thought I would complete an endurance event by doing intervals and enjoy it! Sometimes you have to break from the norm and try something different!

So if you want training which is sustainable, fun and gets results then why not try boot camp? I have been there and done it and can pass the best bits onto you guys!
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Andrea (shocked that I enjoyed 30 miles!) Springthorpe
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