Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Nothing scarier than a field full of cows!

Hi Guys,
Hope you are all having a good week back at work after the bank holiday, it is half term so I am off from job number two :)
I was coming home from the supermarket the other day and there was a group of kids all hanging around by a wall by a public footpath that went through a field. They all looked a bit suspicious, anyway when I got closer I realised why, there must have been about ten cows all heading towards the stile where they kids wanted to get over.
Now I am with the kids on this one there is no way you would have got me through that field. Anything that weighs a ton , has four legs and can't talk is not to be trusted in my eyes! There have been times when I have been out for a walk myself and come across one or two cows........lets just say I am out of that field as fast as I can.
Now ten or more cows heading towards you can be pretty scary and it can be the same walking into a new fitness class for the first time. You don't know what to expect, not sure what the other people are like, are they friendly, are they all really fit.......then there is the instructor what are they like are they going to come at you like a bull in a china shop.
All sorts of things can go through someone's head before they come to a fitness session and this can often make the decision for them not to attend.
I know a lot of people ask me as soon as they hear the word bootcamp will they be able to do it as they are not fit enough. Now my answer is always the same, you come to get fitter, you can work at your own pace regardless of fitness levels and we cater for beginners to advanced. Plus if you want guarantee's that you are going to made to feel welcome by the clients and instructors then I can give you that now.
So don't run away from us, click one of the links below and try a FREE taster session. Plus the fitter you are you can run away from cows if you ever get stuck in a field with a herd of them!
Andrea (not really one with nature) Springthorpe
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Monday, 30 May 2016

Operation 7 P's

Hello Troops,
I hope you have all had a good bank holiday? The weather was quite nice to say it was a bank holiday too!
I have had a busy bank holiday and as it was the end of the first week of my competition preparation it was alcohol and food indulgence free. I was out on Saturday night and I drove as I am not drinking and then I went to a BBQ on Sunday and took my own meals!
After one week I had lost 4lb and 2.5", one of those inches from my gut! Now I am a determined person and stubborn so if I decide to do something then I do it. However these things alone are not the only tools you need for success. As most of you know I have had relationships with a couple of guys in the Army and one of the 'motto's' which my first Army boyfriend used to quote on a regular basis was..........
Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance...........the 7 P's!
This has been true this week when it has come to being organised with my meals. I have done three batch cooks this week so all my meals and snacks are ready. It has made it so much easier as it takes away the temptation to nibble on something I shouldn't be. It is also helped me get to bed earlier and clock up enough sleep as I am not getting in late from work and starting to cook from fresh.
On Saturday I was at a Charity night then we ended up going into Halifax (#rough) for a few drinks afterwards. It is quite funny going on a night out stone cold sober as you notice so much more than if I had been drinking. It has also made me realise that I actually like going out and waking up hangover free. The fact that I can still have a laugh and boogie into the early hours just shows that you don't need alcohol to have fun!
So if you want to follow the 7 P's to getting results, or if you have a health or fitness journey you want to start and need support then click one of the links below.
Andrea (staying away from the Army blokes) Springthorpe
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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Why do what I do?

Hello Troops,
Over the past couple of days I have been asked why! First was yesterday about why I had entered this bikini fitness competition and the other one was today in a coaching session...........'Why do what I do?'
Now in reply to my first question about the competition is because it is something I have wanted to do for while and never had the guts, so decided now was time to take the challenge.
Second one about my business, well I came up with a long list........
Love seeing clients results
My Passion
Help others feel like I feel after exercise
Attract committed customers
Make new friends & meeting new people
Enjoy the social side
Gaining new skills and confidence
For the clients
Now it was interesting that the financial side didn't come into it. Now if I was doing it purely for the money I would have jacked it in years ago!! Because regardless of what people think it doesn't automatically make you rich just because you have your own business! There have been times recently when I have been thinking about jacking it all in, however it is all the above reasons that keep me going. Plus the thought of going back to a 9-5 job that bored me to death is enough to keep me going!
The reason I quit my full time job, went to University as a mature student and started my business was beacuse I wanted to do something that I loved. I have had ups and downs, it can be lonely and tiring, however I believe that nothing worth having comes easy.
It is the same with fitness, there are probably times when you feel like quitting as you may feel like it is alot of hard work for very little results. Now things don't happen overnight, you have to stay focused, keep at it and be patient. 
Now if you want help and support from someone who does it for the passion and not just the money, then click one of the links below. 
Andrea (In the words of Jessie J........it's not about the money, money) Springthorpe
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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

I sound just like my Mum

Hi Guys,
I sound just like my Mum.......how many times have you said that (or like your Dad)? I know there are many times I catch myself saying something and I think it sounds just like my Mum..........we even same the same thing out loud at the same time sometimes!
Now I think this happens when you spend a lot of time around the same people, you tend to find that a group of friends, relations and families are similar in views, how they act and what their interests are.
Now I don't think it is a bad thing to be like my mum as she is pretty amazing (although it does make me realise I am getting old when I say things I would have once cringed at lol), however the same can happen but in a negative way.
I have noticed this recently with a guy I know through work, things he has said recently, phrases he has used and his attitude seems to be mimicking that of someone who he perhaps see's as a role model. When I have heard him say certain things I cringe as it just sounds like the other guy, whom I don't really have much time for and can often act like a dick!
I think the same can happen with fitness and health, if you 'hang' out with people who like to train, eat healthy and want results, it makes you want the same. Likewise if you hang around with people who eat crap, don't exercise and try derail you from your goal, then 9 times out of ten the same will happen.
If you want to hang out with like minded people and want support from instructors who practice what they preach and care about your results then click on one of the links below...........
Before I go if you want to follow my bikini fitness competition prep then follow me on instagram at fit4force
Andrea (Day three of Bikini Fitness comp prep) Springthorpe
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Monday, 23 May 2016

How bad do you want something?

Hi Guys,
Hope you have all had a good weekend?
I was away again this weekend, this time on a chilled spa break, it was so relaxing and I ate my bodyweight in food! Now I think I went over the top as I started my bikini fitness competition prep the day after. 
I got on the scales to do my baseline weight and measurements and I am the fattest I have ever been. My body fat has gone up along with my weight and measurements! I feel disgusted that I have got in this state..........I have been emotionally eating since September last year and it has slowly crept up round my gut!!
I went away with one of my friends who has lost over 4.5 stone! She looks fantastic and she is sticking to her goal as she gets married later this year. Now being with her this weekend just highlighted the fact that if you want something bad enough you will do anything to get there That means being consistent with training, sticking to eating healthy and also sacrificing things in order to get to your goal.
How many times do you hear people saying that they want the perfect body, to feel fitter, to look good for their holidays then the next minute they are telling you about all the 'treats' they have had, the times they ate out and drank far too much on a weekend. Now unfortunately there isn't a magic pill that you can take so you wake up with your ideal body, fit and healthy. To get results it takes hard work, dedication, motivation and saying NO!
No to that piece of cake at the office, no to the drinking session, no to take away's. Instead you need to start saying yes to healthy food and to be consistent with training. Results come to those who work damn hard for it, who keep going when you don't seem to be changing and to those who are consistent.
The one question is how bad do you want something, because if you want something 100% you will do all you can in your power to change and get results.
Now I started a journey which is new, exciting and scary at the same time. It is going to be hard, I know there will be days when I just want to eat chocolate. However my goal is to get on stage and WIN!!
So if you have a goal and want support click one of the links below........
Andrea (fattest I have ever been) Springthorpe
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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Time to grow some balls and go for what you want!

Hello Troops,
Hope you are all having a good week?
Finally got the wheels back yay! Cant believe we are heading towards yet the end of another week and another month!!
So you all read about my amazing weekend earlier in the week and this weekend I am away again on my last blow out before my competition prep starts for a Bikini Fitness Competition I have entered eeekkkkk! Now this is something that I have wanted to do for a couple of years, however, I have never had the balls to do it before........until now. After toying with the idea, followed with some encouragement from a guy I train with at the gym I decided to bite the bullet and go for it!
Now the thing that scares the hell out of me and one of the reasons I haven't done it before is getting up on stage and doing all the poses whilst dressed in a bikini! Plus the fact that you are judged on how you look, which is something that worries me if I dont do well.
I have trained in the past for Marathons and the only person judging me on my performance was me. However I believe that now is the time for a new challenge and I need to put myself out of my comfort zone!
This is not the first time I have put myself out of my comfort zone, one was training for my first Marathon and the major one was when I quit my full time job and decided to go to University as a mature student. That was one nerve racking decision that paid off! If I hadn't have taken the risk I wouldn't have followed the path that I did and I wouldn't be running my business.
Now sometimes we have to take risks, do things out of our comfort zone in order to get results. So if you are worried about starting something new, or nervous about coming to fitness sessions then just think of the end results. If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you!
Take a risk and get results..........we all have different goals, however, if improving health and fitness is yours then click one of the links below........what have you got to lose?
Andrea (looking forward to my new challenge) Springthorpe
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Monday, 16 May 2016

How many women can you squeeze in a hot tub!

Hi Guys,
Hope you have all had a good weekend? I have had a great one! After my shitty week last week I needed to get away, switch off and have some good old belly laughs!
Now this weekend I went away with a group of girls who I have not been away with before. In this situation you just hope that everyone gets on well. I had no need to worry as we got on fantastic. 
Now I don't know about you, but whenever I go away anywhere, whether it is on holiday or a weekend away, the first night seems to be carnage!!! It was no different this weekend, as soon as we arrived the Prosecco was opened and by the time we had finished our curry we were all tipsy! Then what better thing can you do when tipsy? Drink a hell of a lot more and then squeeze 8 people in a hot tub!!
Now I hardly drink any more and when I do I avoid wine as it goes straight to my head, so after lots of wine and been in a hot tub for a few hours, I aren't suprised my head was spinning when I fell into bed after 3am!
To be honest I am suprised I even got up on Saturday, however, we had a relaxed breakfast, walked on the canal and then finished the day with a meal in a lovely local pub. All in all we walked about 7 mile, blew the cobwebs away and most of all had a right laugh.
I could tell you lots of stories, however what happens on tour stays on tour lol ;)
Now after my rubbish day on Thursday, I started packing Friday then my chest of drawers broke, my fridge was leaking and my flat looked like the Tasmanian devil had hit it.The best thing I did was leave it all as it was lock my door and go off and clear my head. It does you the world of good surrounding yourself with positive people, who you can open up to and who make you laugh. I forgot about everything so much so that on the way back I was discussing how I would do my food shop when I got home and it was only when got dropped off that I realised I didn't have a car!
One thing that I found really funny at the weekend was how many of us actually squeezed into the hot tub! It was crammed to say the least, we had knees up to our chins, people's feet in our face and was often sat on something hard............no comment needed on that lol! If that wasn't comical enough we started taking selfies whilst in there. One of the pictures (which I am not going to share lol) looked like my boobs were under my chin and that I had double D's as we were squeezed in so tightly! 
This made me think about the amount of times you hear people say that they try squeeze in their clothes or they have to lie down to fasten their jeans. This is a struggle that you no longer have to have. Train regularly, eat right and get support from people with the same outlook as you and then the tight jean syndrome will disappear.
So if you want to look hot in your jeans instead of looking like you have crammed 8 people in a hot tub then click one of the links below!
Andrea (only a C cup really) Springthorpe
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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Friday 13th came early!

Hi Guys,
Thank god it is Friday! I had one hell of a day yesterday.............
First of all I received a knock back on a job that I had applied for which I really wanted :( Then I went for some blood tests doing and the receptionist had booked me in after the bloods are collected to go the hospital! The nurse (who was very lovely) said I could either wait for another appointment or drop the bloods off at the hospital, so I decided to do that.
When I got in my car it wouldn't start argghhhhh! I realised that after sorting my glove box out the other week I had thrown my old breakdown cover details and not put the new ones in. So Mr & Mrs S came to the rescue. My mum went round to my house to get my breakdown details so I could phone them up and my Dad came up to the hospital to get me home so I could get to work and teach bootcamp. Anyway whilst on the phone with breakdown company my car started! So I took it straight to the garage for checking out and I have borrowed my Mum's car as I had to leave it.
It isn't that long ago that my handbrake went and I had the same reaction today as I did then.........burst into tears and sat in my car crying like any grown woman can lol!
Now it's 11.30pm at night I have only just finished washing up from having my tea, I am going away tomorrow and not even packed and here I am sat typing my blog!
Today I learnt a few lessons.........
1) Make sure I have my breakdown details in my car!
2) Don't ignore the 'little' noise my car has been making for a while........... get it checked out
3) How bloody lucky I am to have such amazing parents, I would be lost without them.
Now I am typing this hearing my Mum's voice saying why did you do your blog so late, it could have waited. On one hand I agree with her as my eyes want to shut, however on the other hand I have to be consistant in what I do. I read a good motivational piece from a fitness model I follow on facebook and she said that to get to where you want to be you have to put the work in, suck up the late nights and early mornings, take the rough with the smooth. Stay focused when things seem to go pear shaped and all you worry about is paying the bills.
Getting the knock back from the job was disappointing, however on the other hand I believe in fate.........my passion is my business, it is training all my lovely clients and taking on the daily challenge of running your own business. Three hours of work after a shitty day, perked me up and made me realise why I do what I do. Also having the support of cover instructors who I can call on at last minute to cover my class when I have an emergency is something that I am very lucky to have.
Now if you want something bad enough, work for it and surround yourself with supportive people who will help you when things get tough. Remember you want the person steering you away from the office cakes rather than offering you one!
I have neglected my car for the past few months, which has come back to bite me on the bum! However you don't have to be the same with your body and health, treat it right, keep it moving and don't ignore any niggles it may have. 
Being fit & healthy is what keeps you going when the rest of your life seems to be falling apart!
Click one of the links below to kick start your engine!
Andrea (going to fall into bed) Springthorpe
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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Sex, Selfie's and Violence

Hi Guys,
Well our three days of summer seem to have disappeared!!
I've been a bit slack on the old blogging front over the last couple of weeks, after being ill and trying to catch up with everything. I was thinking about what I could write about and I thought I would look at my statistics and what topics seem to be the most popular when people are reading my blogs. 
Now when I was looking at the amount of people that read my blog, I noticed that there was a big difference depending on the topic. Now it seems, as with other things like movies, magazine, books etc............sex, half naked women and violence seems to be the biggest hits lol
My three most popular blogs were........
'Sometimes you just have to stop yourself from punching someone' 
'Ditch the scales & start with the selfies' (featured me in my underwear and had the most views!)
'As soon as they get what they want, they don't want to know'.........Now this one wasn't actually about sex, however, the title drew you all in ;)
Now the blog that got the most views was the one where I had done some before and during selfies whilst in my underwear. Now this got me thinking that we as humans are very visual people, when we meet someone for the first time we are attracted to their looks, the amount of money people spend on beauty products and treatments shows how much we want to look good. The same can be said for exercise, now I dont know the percentage split, however I can take a wild guess that most people exercise to change their appearance. The benefits that come with leading an active lifestyle is an added bonus.
Now I freely admit that I exercise because I enjoy it and that I want to look good in a bikini! The health benefits that I get from being active are great extras!
So if you want to change the way you look underneath your clothes and get some free health benefits along the way then click the links below.
For those of you who may have missed my top three blogs I have also attached the links at the bottom of the page :) 
Andrea (will tell you about my new challenge in my next blog!) Springthorpe
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Monday, 9 May 2016

Be a winner!

Hi Guys,
Hope you've all had a good weekend and enjoying the sunshine!?
I had another hetic one, on Saturday I was in a boatrace in Shipley. I was asked to be part of a team for West Yorkshire Fire Service, now like many things I thought that sounds a laugh and put my name down without actually realising what was involved!
So Saturday morning we all met at the Fire Station and walked down to the event where it was taking place. We hade been thrown together as a team and not had any practice. Now I think we had all underestimated how big an event it was, there were 45 teams taking part and included some semi professional rowers and teams from the Army and Police. 
Now it was a full day event where we had three races each and then your fastest time went on the leader board, now our times were pretty quick so we then started to get competitive..........team talks and tatics started happening! There was also a one off race with the Police, Army & Fire Service and we won whaoooo! Anyway we made it to the top three out of all the teams so we made it to the final!!! It was soooo exciting as I have never done anything like this before. 
So there we are setting off for the final and we crashed with another boat, anyway luckily for us the rules stated that if it effects the race then we have a rematch. So off we went again and we won!!! Wahooo it was so exciting!
facebook 1462735281716 - small
Now this was a team that was thrown together overnight and we beat some semi professional teams! Now I was on a team with a group of people who have to keep fit for their jobs, however, we had no prior experience, no practice and no idea what to expect. However sheer determination and team spirit got us through and made us winners!
Its the same when it comes to health and fitness, you don't have to know everything or even have to have had prior experience, all you need is motivation and determination to win your very own race. Our group sessions provide the team spirit as we are all there to encourage and motivate each other. So if you want to be your very own winner then click one of the links below. 

Andrea (got to spend the day with Firemen!) Springthorpe
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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Sometimes you just have to stop yourself from punching someone!

Hi Guys,
Hope you're having a good week? Nice to see some sun and for it to feel warmer finally!
Have you ever been in a situation when someone has said something to you when you were feeling a bit low, they hit a nerve and it took all your will power not to smack them in the face!?
Well that happened to me this week..........now I was ill all last week and I am still not 100% so I might be a bit more sensitive than normal, however one flippant comment said to me this week made me want to punch this person square in the face!
So there I was just turned up to work and I was having a conversation with dubious episode number four when BHAM he made some shitty comment that made me feel worse than I already did. We were talking about the nice weather and how nice it would be to have it all the time, he said well I could go work abroad as I had nothing here!! 'A job I wasn't bothered about (at the school not my business), a house I wasn't bothered about, no kids and no man!' Now this is all according to him! Now I did swear at him but refrained from smacking him, I was livid at these comments and they actually upset me.........for a few hours anyway. When I got home I would have normally sent a ranting f**k you message and I just thought what is the point, it says more about the person trying to make someone feel worse than it does about the person receiving the comments. I actually have a fantastic family close by, some amazing friends, a great little business and some amazing clients! I won't mention the love life situation, will keep you all guessing on that one for now ;)
Now have you ever noticed that people who don't have much confidence or are jealous of what you do try put you down? Or force their own feelings or situation onto yourself?
Now I am guessing that when you start a healthy eating plan or start to exercise there are always a few people around you who, take the piss because you are eating healthy, then there are those that are always trying to tempt you with a bun or sway you to go to the pub instead of training? You normally find that these people are probably envious that they don't have the same discipline or motivation as you to follow something through.
There are days when you might be tempted by that bun that is offered straight on a plate in front of you, however remember the bigger picture. Why did you start your health and fitness journey? Surround yourself with supportive people who will encourage your progress rather than trying to destroy it!
Now if you are struggling with your health and fitness journey or just not started yet then click one of the links below......... Or if like me you occasionally want to smack someone in the face then click on the link for training as we do boxing sessions, great way to relieve stress and to stop you getting arrested ;)
Remember results are made over time not over night!
Andrea (will power) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Faithless..........I can get plenty of sleep!

Hello Troops,
Yes I'm still alive! I was ill last week so didn't manage to keep up to my blogs, back to it now though. I am not 100%, but I am on the mend!
In fact last week was the worst I have felt in a long time..............sleep 'I cant get enough sleep'! 
So Monday I was absolutely fine, woke up Tuesday and it was like someone had flicked a switch from feeling fine to feeling, well quite honestly dog shit! I came home from work Tuesday, went straight to bed, I even had to cancel my clients which is not like me! Then I woke up at 6.30pm had a bath and food and back to bed. That was pretty much my week, as soon as I got home from work I went to bed until I had to get up again to go teach sessions.
Then this weekend I slept even more, not getting out of bed till 2.30pm on Sunday!!! Now when you see yourself as a mini Wonder Woman, being ill is not convenient, I just didn't have time to be ill! I didn't get any work done, skipped the gym and even going to do bootcamp felt such a chore, which is bad as I really love teaching normally. Not only did feeling ill make me tired I wanted to eat crap, which in turn made me feel worse as I wasn't fuelling my body right!
Anyway as much as I wanted to carry on training I had to listen to my body, it was telling me I needed rest and I was trying to fight it. Now how many times has someone told you to do something and you've ignored their advice? It might be that someone is encouraging you to eat healthy and to start exercising and you want to ignore them!? My body was telling me to rest for a reason, so I could get over whatever it was and also not to make myself feel worse. Its the same with people giving advice, they want the best for you, to be fit healthy and to feel energised!
So if you want help with diet, exercise or changing your lifestyle then click one of the links below.
Andrea (working on my Wonder Woman status) Springthorpe
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