Thursday, 7 November 2019

Two things that go together

Today I thought I best pull my finger out and get a blog out before you all worry that I have been missing in action!

I am currently sat on the sofa under a fleece blanket listening to the rain, not only outside, but also dripping down my hall wall as I have come home to a leak!!

On my way home, I noticed a lady who was walking in the torrential rain in what looked like white summer trousers along with a thick winter coat. First I thought how those white trousers won't stay clean for long in this weather and then my second thought was how the two items of clothing didn't seem to match as they were for different seasons.

This got me thinking about fitness and how you see people who exercise consistently yet have a shocking diet. Also those who are really strict and healthy with their food, yet don't move! Then there are those who are bad with both!

Many of us know or have heard that good results come from 30% exercise and 70% diet, I agree that these two combined equals 100% dedication. Unfortunately one hour of exercise does not outdo the other 23 hours of the day if you are making bad choices when it comes to food. I am not saying that you can't enjoy the occasional treat, I enjoy the odd treat otherwise life would be pretty dull! However it is how much and how often we have those treats that are the difference to getting where we want to be or staying the same!

So if you want to be consistent with your results and be work on that 100% dedication then click one of the links below...

Click here for the 30% of dedication

Click here for the 70% of dedication
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