Monday, 9 December 2013

Essential guide to surviving Christmas.

It’s ‘Christmas time, Miseltow and Wine’………and mince pies, chocolate, alcohol, leftovers and time off work – put it all together and you are left with a recipe which will increase our waistline, decrease our motivation and to top it off it’s cold outside so we all want that extra padding to keep warm? Or do we? I know I would rather wear a lovely warm Christmas jumper – (which I have been wearing for my outdoor bootcamp to get into the festive spirit ;)

Christmas is when most our healthy eating habits rear their ugly little head, we go way overboard in what we eat and tend not to think twice about having chocolate for breakfast (even I have been known to have a handful of hero’s for Christmas day breakfast!). These bad habits just make us feel lethargic and can set us back months with our diet and fitness goals.

So how can we survive the festive season without piling on the pounds? Which will seem like a lifetime to shift when you are anxious to zip up that new pair of jeans that Santa left in your stocking.

Do not fear….Fit 4 Force is here….check out our tips to help you survive Christmas so you don’t undo all the hard work you’ve done this year!

Ditch the sweet treats.

Swap sugary sweets for fruit – cranberries are great at this time of year and with only 25 calories in half a cup they are a great healthy treat.

Keep Active

Try keep up to your normal fitness routine over the festive period……if that’s not an option go for a walk, take the dog, the family, whoever you like…..get some fresh air and take in the winter scenery (if we have any that is!)

If you can’t get to your fitness class then why not do some high intensity interval training (HIIT) at home. 10 minutes in a morning will kick start your metabolism and your good mood for the rest of the day J

Alcohol Alternatives

Fruit cocktails are a healthy alternative to alcohol and you will wake up feeling fresh as a daisy the day after. Not in to fruit juice then why not drink good old fashioned water, most places will serve tap water if you ask, so not only will you save yourself from a banging head & embarrassing antics, you will save money too!

Boogie the night away

If you are at a party or on a night out then hit the dance floor and burn off those extra calories.

Healthy Christmas Dinner

When it comes to the main meal of Christmas, pile your plate high with plenty of veg and opt for nice lean turkey.

Healthy Start

Start the day with a cup of hot water with a lemon slice. This will help alkalise the stomach which is important when you are eating lots of rich food throughout the day.

Avoid certain foods

Buffet food can be some of the worst to eat…..especially as we have a small amount of everything, which tends to be high in calories. Stay away from the cheese and pastries and opt for plain salad and lean meat.
Healthy seasonal snacks

There are some great snacks to have at Christmas time – have a hand full of nuts (the non-salted variety of course) or grab a tangerine.

Most importantly have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and stay safe.

If you want some free work-outs which you can do in your own home over the Christmas period then contact me and I will be happy to help.

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See you in 2014!

Fit 4 Force