Thursday, 13 December 2018

There is no magic pill!

This morning I was in the gym and a gym member was talking to one of the fitness instructors and he asked me how my waist was so small as it was like magic! He then proceeded to say that it was probably hard work......

I explained that it was a lot of hard work, being consistent with training and healthy eating. This morning I could have quite easily pressed snooze again and turned over in bed, just because I am consistent with my training, it doesn't mean that I always feel like doing it.

Those that get results, for anything in life not just health and fitness are those that put the work in, those who are consistent and those that 'just do it' even when they feel like they can't be bothered.

December is the time when most people let things slide as parties, shopping, and sometimes the 'what's the point' mentality gets in the way.

There is no magic pill, no magic formula or no quick fix....

Action + Consistency = Results

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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

And the festivities have begun!

Saturday was the first Christmas Party of 2018 for me and what better way to kick the festivities off than with Fit 4 Force Christmas Party! As requested by my clients we went to Prego's in Brighouse as we had such a great time there last year and the food was lovely! Now I don't think there are any crazy stories this year as was a pretty tame one ;)

The rest of my weekends in December pretty much involve eating out and drinking alcohol! There is often a struggle to keep a healthy eating mindset the rest of the time. There is often chocolates in offices, people are more likely to accept a mid week drink and hangovers, well they seem to be the green light to eating rubbish!

Now I would normally be less strict in December, however, this year I have the added goal of being able to fit into my dress for my 40th Party! In fact not only to just fit into it but to look good! Late nights, alcohol and eating unhealthy not only effects the waistline, in can show in your face (and often does in mine as my eyes tend to swell!).

So here are some tips below to keep the Christmas Carnage at bay....
  • Get rid of the 'I'll start tomorrow' mentality
    • Eat healthy in between your parties!
    • If you eat healthy the rest of the week the damage done on a weekend will be limited.
    • Avoid sugary snacks and those office chocolates!
  • Keep Active
    • Don't let your activity levels slide. Even if you can't make your usual training session, go out for a walk or a run. Fresh air is a great way to cure a hangover too!
  • Get plenty of sleep.
    • Christmas is a busy time of year and if you are lacking in sleep then you are more likely to over eat and less likely to stay active.
  • Fill up on Protein
    • Make sure you have protein with each meal, this will fill you up for longer and you are less likely to binge on sugary foods.
  • LBD test
    • Most people have an outfit that they love to wear (women tend to go for the Little Black dress). Test this outfit out each week over December, if it fits the same on New Year as it did beginning of December then you are onto a winner!
LBD seemed to the staple item for the Christmas Party on Saturday. Below is a picture of some of my bootcampers - one bootcamper obviously didn't get the 'black outfit - dark hair' memo ;)

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