Tuesday, 30 October 2018

You grow old when you stop laughing!

The below picture is part of the inspiration behind today's blog.........the rest of the inspiration came from my friend and I reliving our youth last week.

Many people ask me if I was into my fitness and sport when I was at school, now I always tell them that my passion for exercise came later in life, however, after Thursday I can now say that I did actually find exercise at an early age....it just wasn't the typical activity you would associate exercise with. For many years I was in the Majorettes, which because it was fun, it never felt like exercise! For those who don't know what Majorettes is, it is basically cheer leading/dance with a baton (a big stick which you twirl!)

On Thursday, after nearly 23 years of leaving the Majorettes, me and my friend dusted off our twirling skills to practice a routine (now I am not giving too much away, however, those who will be attending my 40th will find out lol). Well I can honestly say I have not laughed as much in ages, it is a good job that I am turning 40 and not 60 otherwise I might have needed some tena ladies! The surprising thing was how quick the skills came back, after one hours practice we had half of the routine done! I forgot how much it made my arms ache!

It is 23 years since I left the Majorettes, however, I didn't leave exercise, it might not have been in the same guise but I have still kept active, which meant I could still lift my leg high enough to throw my baton under! One thing that any exercise regime I have carried out has in common is that I enjoy it, it has brought laughter, friendship, health, sometimes tears and I think it has kept me young! When we were in the Dance studio on Thursday I felt 17 again (well until I saw my crows feet lol).

Now I am lucky enough to not only find enjoyment in the exercise I do, but also the sessions I teach, there is not often a session goes by where I don't laugh at something my clients have said or the random groans they make when they are in pain lol. Last night was the best when someone brought a butternut squash for their Halloween work-out as they couldn't get a pumpkin!

One of my goals before my 40th birthday is to help 40 people to preserve and enhance their health and fitness. So if you want to do something which makes you laugh, keeps you fit & makes you feel young then click one of the links below........


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Andrea (still having a laugh) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Its not too late to start!

Hello Troops,

Hope you have had a good weekend and a good start to the week?

Last week was out of the norm for me as we launched a PR campaign for our other business 'Sporting Age'. We had a slot on Look North and also did a live interview on Radio Leeds.......slightly nerve wracking to say the least! For those who don't know, Sporting Age is a product we deliver in Primary Schools to help improve Physical Literacy of students.  Visit www.sportingage.co.uk to find out more.

Helping children to be physically active at a young age will help give them the foundations to stay active later in life. Having said this, if someone hasn't been an active child it doesn't mean that they can't be an active adult......it is never too late to start!

You all probably know by now I turn 40 at the end of the year, and the countdown is getting nearer! Over the years I have heard people say that life begins at 40 and I am starting to think this is true as exciting things seem to be happening this year! 

A few weeks ago I launched our new package #MISSION40 as I want to help as many people as I can improve their health and fitness. Now I know I am far from ready for the scrap heap, however, I have started to notice that I don't bounce back from things as easy as I did when I was in my twenties/early thirties........nights out being the main one lol! It is the same when it comes to doing new training programmes, not having enough sleep, even a weekend away takes more recovery the week after! I often think how would I cope if I didn't eat healthy and stay active!?

If any of the above relates to you and you want to make improvements to your health and fitness then click one of the links below........

You are never too old and it is never too late!

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Andrea (bring on turning 40!) Springthorpe
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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Mini Adventure has come to an end!

Hi Guys,

Hope you are all having a happy & healthy week?

This weekend was a sad one for me as I said goodbye to my Mini Cooper L. For years I had a picture of a blue mini on my computer screen as it was my dream car. Two & half years ago I was lucky enough to come across my blue Mini Cooper S and finally get behind the wheel on a daily basis.

Now when I got my car it was 7 years old and had a fair few miles on the clock, however, I knew I would look after it and enjoy it whilst it lasted. Over the last 6 months it has been giving me signs that all was not great under the bonnet! I have had a few issues which needed fixing and over the last few months I have had two mechanics tell me to get it traded in as soon as possible! Now as much as I love that car, you have to listen to the experts!

Sunday was the day when I went to do a trade in! On the Saturday I washed and cleaned my Mini and when I went to get my Dad on Sunday morning I felt quite sad that I was letting go of my ‘dream car’. My new car was in Birmingham so we had a very wet journey down on Sunday morning. I was in two minds about whether I was doing the right thing………then with about an hour to go on our journey my engine warning light came on! My mind was then made up and I drove my Sirocco home!

Now the one thing about my Mini was that it looked in great condition on the outside, however, the things happening under the bonnet were a different story!

The same can be said for people, we may look good on the outside and think we don’t need to exercise or eat healthy, however, it is what is going on inside that matters! Often like cars, we may have small warnings which flag up every now and then, which we often tend to ignore and hope will go away. We have the luxury of trading cars in, however, we only get one body! Two things which are precious are time and health….the things which can’t be reversed!

Now I listened to the experts and was in a fortunate position that I could trade my car in………….bodies are a different story.

So if you think you need to maintain your chassis before it is too late then let the experts help and click one of the links below.

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Andrea (can't park my new car for toffee) Springthorpe
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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Red eye reduction

Hi Guys,

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned about a recent hot tub party and how I would write my next blog on it.....so after another weekend celebrating friends 40th's I thought this was the ideal time.

Now obviously what happens in a hot tub stays in a hot tub, however I do want to talk about the after effects of me thinking that I am still 21 on a night out!

I went to my friends hot tub party with all good intentions of having a couple of drinks then coming home as I was at a Wedding the day after.......best laid plans! Lets just say it didn't take me till 1.30am to have 'only' two drinks. I had a great day at the wedding the day after but the Sunday I felt like I had been run over by a bus!

Fast forward a couple of weekends and I was feeling the same this Sunday after a great night out for my friends birthdays. I am human and I love it at the time, the day after and the day after that, and sometimes the day after that is a different story.

I woke up Monday morning and my eyes were all red and swollen......I looked awful, now at nearly 40 years old I cant get away with puffy eyes like I could in my twenties! So instead of hitting the gym like I normally would I had to stay in bed with cucumbers on my eyes so I looked presentable for work. I actually googled causes of red puffy eyes, (because like most people I like to self diagnose lol) it is actually a reaction to alcohol!

I don't know how people do it week after week, it takes me longer to get over a night out than it does to get over minor surgery. One reason is probably because I don't drink that often so my tolerance levels are really low (and I think I am 21 when I am out).

This got me thinking that the less you practice something the harder it is. Before you get excited this blog isn't about practicing drinking skills.......it is however about exercise, the more we practice the easier it gets.

How often have you started something new and felt like you cant walk for over a week? I have clients who come to their first session, or clients who try some new training and they ache for days afterwards. I am exactly the same when I start a new training plan. It is so easy to then delay the time between sessions, however the longer you leave between training sessions I think it makes the recovery process harder.

For example if you do a training session on a Monday and ache like hell, we often tell ourselves that we can't train for the rest of the week. Monday comes around again and we do something different and have the same response, this can often lead to people quitting or only training once a week. However if we trained three/four times a week, our recovery time would get easier. Now I am not saying you are never going to ache again, however, as we get fitter the aches get less.

Consistency is key, if we practice something often it becomes part of our routine and we form habits.....like brushing our teeth!

So if you want to form healthy habits and save money on a night out because you can't drink a lot ;) then click one of the links below.
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Andrea (hangovers from hell) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

To be as hot as Kylie!

Last night I went to see the Pop Princess which is Kylie Minogue at Manchester Arena. It was a fantastic concert with hits both old and new.

I was impressed that she still sounded as good 30 years on and more impressed at how amazing she looks for 50 years old! If I look like that when I am 50 then I will be happy.

Now I can't comment on what her beauty regime is to look so good, however, I am guessing from her physique and the way she danced around the stage in high heels (which is a skill in itself) she has not had a life of eating pizza and sitting on the couch.

Now as I am approaching the big 40 I have started to look at health and fitness differently........I used to put so much focus on how I looked (which is still important to me) however it is what is going on in the inside too.

I am going to use my car as an example, my little Mini Cooper S. Lovely sporty number, body work still in good nick with just the odd chip here and there,on first glance looks great. However what is going on under the bonnet is a different story. 11 years old and with 93000 on the clock it is not running at its best and my 'car guy' has advised that probably won't last much longer :(

Now we have the luxury of trading cars in over our lifetime, however, we only get one body! In some cases we probably look after our cars better than we look after our bodies!

Now I know for some this seems irrelevant as getting older seems ages away, for some it might seem too late to start, however, whatever age, whatever level of health or fitness it is never too late! Small changes can lead to small results.

Our new package #MISSION40 launches on Monday 8th October, it is designed for those who want a lifestyle change, who can commit to getting fit over the next 6 months and for those who are thinking beyond a quick fix option.

I admit I have had a big issue with turning 40 as there are things in my personal life which I have not achieved, however, I know the healthier I am then those things are still achievable regardless of my milestones. Last night Kylie was my inspiration, if I can dance around in high heels and wear fitting clothes and look that good at 50 then I will be very happy!

If you feel inspired then click one of the links below........
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Andrea (wrote this 'especially for you') Springthorpe
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