Sunday, 31 January 2016

Why buy a ticket and miss the finale!?

Hey Guys,
Hope you have all had a good weekend?
On Saturday I went to Strictly come dancing in Manchester as I had bought my mum tickets for Christmas. It was a fantastic show, I have only ever watched it a few times on TV and I absolutely loved it helped that some of the male dancers were very easy on the eye!
Anyway it is quite an eye opener going to a concert. It makes you realise how fit and healthy you actually are when you are stuck behind someone walking up the stairs as they struggle to get to the top without getting out of breath! Plus the amount of chocolates and crisps people eat in the space of a couple of hours!
Anyway one thing that I want to talk about today, is how impatient some people this is coming from Miss Impatient herself so they must be bad! I have seen it when I have been to other concerts and I saw it on Saturday night, people started leaving before the show had finished! I couldn't understand why people would pay for a ticket, go for an evening out and miss the end just to get to the car quicker! Plus it is bloody annoying when you are wanting to see the end and people are standing up in front of you to let people out or you have to let people out!
Now you see this with diet and exercise too, people spend time and money on trying to get fit or achieve a certain goal, then when progress starts to slow down they get impatient and quit!
It was the same coming out of the show, me and mum headed to the toilets whilst being pushed and shoved out of the way and at one point I thought one lady was going to rugby tackle me to get in a cubicle before me! Seriously no-one wet their pants and we all managed to go to the toilet so what is the urgency! We were on level 7 of the car park and we just had to sit and wait till it was our turn to get out. Now we could have got annoyed and got stressed out, instead we sat there had a chat and guess what we got to our final destination (home) sooner than we had anticipated.
When we set ourselves a goal or have something we want to achieve we generally put a time line on it, which is what I would encourage people to do. However, sometimes those goals don't always happen by a certain date. We burn fat at different rates, sometimes or fitness plateaus and sometimes we get disheartened that we aren't seeing the changes quick enough. Remember that you are on a journey not a quick fix and you have to sometimes wait and work a little bit harder for the finale. Stick at it and it will come!!
Whatever you do, don't be a like some of the douche bags who waste money on tickets and quit before you get there!
Andrea (not as impatient as I thought) Springthorpe
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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Don't be so hard on yourself

Hey Troops,
Don't be so hard on yourself, no
Learn to forgive, learn to let go
Everyone trips, everyone falls
So don't be so hard on yourself, no
The other morning I was driving to work and Jess Glynn 'Don't be so hard on yourself' was on the radio. I listened to the words and it got me thinking about how often we beat ourselves up when we eat something we shouldn't, miss a work-out or don't do something that we planned on doing.
Now we are nearing the end of January (where has this month gone!? arggghh) We have got over the excess of Christmas, nights out start to happen again and this is the time when we are in danger of quitting at fitness, or breaking our new year goals.
How many times are you focused with your health and fitness, then you have a bad eat some chocolate, you miss your work-out or you plan on getting something done and instead you lay on the couch all day. I have just finished the LifeForce Transformation plan and have been so focused on my diet and fitness since the beginning of January. However the other day I bought some dark chocolate, with the plan of having two squares and the rest to go in the freezer. Now sometimes things don't go according to plan and I demolished the whole bar :(
Now I felt totally sick and thought why the hell did I do that! That isn't going to get me the body I want. Now I could get pissed off about it and feel annoyed. Or I could look at it another way, I could accept that I had a bad day and made the wrong decision, put it to bed and start afresh the next day.
owe it to yourself
It is what you decide to do when after you made a bad choice that defines your success. If you miss a work-out and continue to miss a work-out then you are not going to get the results you want. However if you miss a work-out and get back onto it the following day, just accept that sometimes you need a rest or that you didn't have time that particular day. Same with your eating, you might eat crap one day........just make sure that your next meal is healthy and that you start afresh the next day.
We need to accept that we aren't going to be healthy 100% of the time, we will miss work-outs, we will have a binge and we will sometimes slob on the sofa and not get things done. We are human! So don't beat yourself up, get back on it the next day. Just don't let one day of messing up turn into two days, weeks or even months.
The only thing that brings you success is you! We can get help, advice, train with like minded people, however if you aren't committed to something then you won't get results!
Stay focused, if you have a bad day start afresh and keep your eye on the end goal!
Andrea (I binged and got over it) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Focus on how far you have come.............not how far you have to go!

Hey Guys,
Hope you are all having a good week so far? I have finally got over my stuffed feeling after my 'cheat meal' on Sunday.......thank god!
Yesterday I had a meeting with my business coach. Each time I see him I come away focused with lots of tasks to complete, then I get home, life gets busy and I don't always complete all the tasks before our next meeting. I sometimes sit in our meetings and cringe, because I find myself saying 'I don't have time to do XYZ'............LACK OF TIME, THE NUMBER ONE EXCUSE FOR PEOPLE NOT EXERCISING!!! And here I am saying it to my coach arghhhh! Like we discussed in the meeting and something I often say to people, it is all about priorities. For me exercising is a priority and it comes as second nature.........for instance I knew that I had a full on day with wok yesterday and I wouldn't get chance to go to the gym, so instead I got up, braved the elements and did a hill sprint session at 6.45am! Exercise is something I have always done, so it feels normal for me to do it and weird if I miss it!
Yesterday I came away with all these ideas in my head and a list of tasks that I needed to complete, feeling quite overwhelmed as to when I would be able to get them all done. At the end of last year I set myself a business goal for the end of June. It seems a mamouth task and I explained this to my coach. Now one comment from him made me see things from a different persepective. He just said to me 'look how far you have come!' And he is right! I am always looking ahead and focusing on what I need to do to hit my goal. Yet in retrospect I have come so far and achieved so much.
how far come
It is exactly the same with health and fitnesss, you might get fed up and lose sight of your end goal as it seems so far away. Yet have you ever looked back and thought how you were 6 months, a year ago? What did you look like back then, how did you feel, what was your fitness like? If you do this you will realise what you have achieved. Nothing can be achieved in one giant step, it takes time and baby steps. Yes you might have a way to go, however if you stop and look back you will realise how far you have come.
Health and fitness is a lifestyle not a quick fix, so see it as a journey and each time you have hit a goal that is a stop on your journey.........that's the time to refuel and go to the next stop!
If something is a challenge or scary, then it is something that is normally worth doing. We can all take the easy option and stick to what we know, however this doesn't normally change us!
Remember keep going, no-one said it would be will be worth it though!
Andrea (I have come so far) Springthorpe
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Sunday, 24 January 2016

That 'cheat' meal feeling is HELL!

Hey Guys,
Hope you have all had a good weekend?
Just a quickie most of you know after Christmas I did the LifeForce 21 day transformation plan. Well what a difference 21 days can make...........a loss of 6lbs, 6" and over 3% body fat to be precise. Not only that I feel more energised, my skin is healthier and my mood is sooo much better! 
It is true that if you eat healthy the benefits that go with this will show. So last night (day 21) was 'cheat' meal so I went for a curry with some of the guys who had done the plan, who also got amazing results.Now as it was my cheat meal I went for it, pickle tray, starter, main and dessert. OMG I couldn't wait to get home into my p.j's as my jeggings were too tight!!
Now when I got home I had a warm drink, I started to feel sick and even got headache! I think my body couldn't cope with the amount of carbs and sugar I had in one sitting!
I couldn't wait for Monday morning to train again and get back on the healthy eating! It just shows how quick your body adapts to what you are feeding it. In December I had 31 days of eating and drinking body got used to this, however the side effects were weight gain, podgy belly and feeling sluggish most days. In just 21 days I have transformed my energy levels for the better and I have lost body fat and inches. I am still not where I want to be, however, after the shitty feeling I had after one excessive meal I want to go back to the energised feelings I had that came with eating healthy! The plan is a way of life and not some fad, quick fix diet.
I really dont know how I got through December feeling like I did, when you make the decision to look and feel good.........its not often you want to go back! 
Andrea (6" smaller) Springthorpe

Thursday, 21 January 2016

If you think negative……..That’s what you normally attract!

Hi Guys,

Ever wondered why some people seem to have all the luck and get what they want and then others seem to have negative things happen to them?
I was reading something the other was talking about mind-set and how if you think positive things will happen you tend to attract good things in your if you think negatively then you tend to attract negative things into your life.

How many times have you heard people say that they can't do something, get a certain job, have a successful business, get the partner they want, burn fat, get fit? The more you tell yourself you can't do something, then normally you can't!

The mind is a powerful thing and the more you worry about something or tell yourself you can't do something this tends to be what unfolds into reality.
In September last year I decided to make a change to how I structured the business and go from pay as you go to contracts. I was constantly worrying about money and if my business was even going to carry on let alone be a success! I was also always worrying that I wouldn't meet a decent guy, get married and have kids. The more I worried about lack of money, guess what.......I had no money! The more I worried about only attracting douche bag men.......guess what I attracted douche bag men!

Now I could have quite easily continued to wallow in self-pity and stress myself out about everything that I deemed negative in my life.......or I could make the decision to change my mind-set! Now unfortunately it took finding out that my mum has cancer to give myself the slap around the face I needed as the things that I saw as negative in my head really were just trivial in the grand scheme of things!
So I have stopped stressing over money and how many clients I have got........instead I decided to enjoy my work again as this is what makes me happy! Since I have changed my mind-set I am attracting more clients!

Same with guys I just stopped worrying about the future and I have had more interest/dates from guys then I have in the last two years!
It's the same with exercise, if you tell yourself that you can't do it or that you love cake too much to get the body you want then you are never going to change. There isn't a magic pill that just one day makes you mega fit and look great without your clothes on. You have to decide to make the changes needed to change your fitness and lifestyle. You control when you train, how hard you train and you control what you put in your mouth and eat.
no magic pill
Life is a journey, you have to go after what you want, do what you love and commit to health and fitness. Now I'm not saying that just because you think positive life will be a bed of roses.......however if you think positive and stay happy, when shit does happen then you will have the tools there to cope with it better. It's how you react to a situation that makes it good or bad!

Think positive, take action and get results!
Have a great weekend!
Andrea (positive) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

You can't train your way out of a bad diet!

Hello Troops,
Hope you are having a good week so far?
I was having a conversation the other day with someone about how you can't train your way out of a bad diet?! So many people train 3/4 times a week and still don't see any progress with their fat loss. Now you can train like a beast for an hour a day, however it is what you do with the other 23 hours that count. 80% of looking great is diet and the other 20% is exercise...........Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym!
Another factor that can account for not getting the results that you want is how much effort you put in when you go training. Just becasue you turn up to a session once or twice a week does not automatically send signals to your body that 'hey you are in lycra so you will get fitter and burn fat! If it was that simple I would get my lycra on and just head down to the gym to check out 'hot' guys.
Every training session should see you coming away fatigued and sweating (although for my outdoor lot it has been hard to sweat even with lots of effort as it is that cold!). If you can have a full blown conversation with your friend in the middle of the session then you are not working hard enough. Intensity is key and quality of traning outways quantity!
Eating the right food will also help you feel better and more energised in your training sessions, I know since I ditched the Christmas alcohol and sugar treats I feel so much better and more energised to complete my high intensity sessions.
All my bootcamp sessions are structured around interval training so everyone can work at their own level and push themselves as hard as you can. You get out what you put in. So increase the intensity, start to sweat, ditch the shit food and start to see results! 
Remember if you look good at the end of a training didn't work hard enough!!

Andrea (following the 100% rule!) Springthorpe
07949 959 547

Sunday, 17 January 2016

There will always be a positive out of any negative situation!

Hi Guys,
Hope you have all had a good weekend? I was quiet last week on the email/blog front. Since being back to work I don't seem to get time to do all the things I want to do! Anyway I am now back on top of everything :)
So Monday I got home from work and I realised that I have now got some new neighbours in the flat below. I have not yet met them but I know they have moved in as I can hear their fact I am coming to the conclusion that they are almost deaf as it is that loud lol!
Now I did get annoyed at the beginning of the week and it seemed louder as I came home from work and didn't even have my TV on..........however I thought well one benefit is that when I have friends round for one of my 'gatherings' then they won't be able to hear us. Plus the massive up side is that my flat is warmer as I seem to be benefiting from their heating yay!
So this got me thinking about all the negative situations that have happened in my life over the last year and how positive things have come out of matter how small you have to see the positive in every situation.
Ok so there was dubious episode number 4 (aka dishonest knobhead in previous emails)...........the positives here are, I got emotionally stronger, I no longer take any shit or waste my time on the 'wrong' men and  I met & dated decent guys.  I even had better sex! (sorry Dad if you are reading this ha!)
Finding out my Mum has cancer, has made me live each day to the full, have fun, don't worry as much and don't sweat the trivial stuff!
The more you worry about a situation the more energy you give to it and the worse that situation seems to get. Think positive and go with the flow and you find that things work out for the best!
After Christmas I started the LifeForce plan, which basically cuts out all the shit that I had got so used to eating over the Christmas period. So cutting out alcohol and sugar was a big thing after I had seemed to turned into an alcoholic sugar eating monster in December. Now I don't suppose this is negative, however, when it is things you enjoy that you have to give up, people often see this as a negative impact on their life.
Now after I had got over the headaches the first couple of days, everything I am doing has had a positive effect on my health, looks and energy levels! My skin is so much better, my mood is great and I wake up feeling energised instead of sluggish and slow like I did when I had a month off eating well. So far I have lost 4lbs, 4" (2" from my gut) and 3.3% body fat. That is in just two weeks!!  Now it is not just me that is seeing great results, I have ten clients doing the plan also that are not only seeing the physical benefits of eating well and exercising they are feeling them too.
People think that if you eat healthy then its all chicken and broccoli with no flavours, however the plan is varied, has a range of different recipes included and also includes one treat of chocolate a week (dark chocolate of course). 
So if you see eating clean as a negative thing, seriously think about all the positives that can come out of it...........looking better, feeling better, plus you will lose inches and body fat along the way. Life is short, make the most of it, live healthy and happy and most of all as long as you can! There is so much more to experience in life than a cream bun and beer!
Have a good Monday and remember don't stress the little stuff and everyday be happy that you wake up!

will it be easy
Andrea (feeling energised) Springthorpe

Sunday, 10 January 2016

January - 1 in 5 file for divorce and 70% quit at fitness

Hi Guys,
Hope you have all had a good weekend? 
I heard on the radio last week that Wednesday was the day that most people gave up on their New Years Resolutions! Now I can kinda understand this one as Monday I started back at the gym and started the 21 Day LifeForce plan and by Wednesday I was absolutely knackered! It didn't help that I was walking round like the tin man as I could barely move my legs after a tough leg session on Monday.
So I decided to look into this and found that in January 1 in 5 couples file for divorce and 70% of people that start a fitness plan quit!! 70%!!! That is really high. Now anyone who has ever stepped inside a fitness centre or gym will notice that it is rammed in January with new faces, yet come February they have all gone and its the regulars that are only ones still going strong.
70 of people quit - except you
Now on Wednesday morning I could have quite easily been one of the 70%........ my alarm was set first thing to go to the gym before work.......I woke up and felt so tired and cosy in bed the last thing I wanted to do was get up. So I turned my alarm off and re-set it for later time. I then laid there having a conversation with myself about how would laying in bed get me the body I want, shift the excess Christmas pounds and allow me to hit my target of 18% body fat. So I shot out of bed and got my arse to the gym. I felt so much better for it. 
Week one of the LifeForce plan and I have lost 3lb, 2inches and 2% of body fat!! So that was worth getting out of bed for! My clients who are on the plan have had some fantastic results too!
The 1 in 5 filing for divorce well there can be many reasons behind this, however, it makes me stick to my guns about finding Mr Right as I could have quite easily settled for Mr Ok for now on many occassions and ended up a 1 in 5 that got divorced!
There may be many reasons why people quit at exercise & healthy eating, they find it hard, they lack motivation, they dont have the right support or they don't have any structure or a plan to follow. Now nothing is easy, it requires motivation, dedication and the absolute want to achieve something. Achieving your ideal body cant be done with a magic pill, so you have to allow time and work at it! 
So if you are one of the 70% who is wanting to quit then stay strong and be one of the 30%! If you need help click one of the links below :)

Andrea (proud to be 30%) Springthorpe
07949 959 547
will it be easy

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

It's like something out of 'Dear Deidre'

Hello Guys,
Today I was speaking to a guy who had read my 'From Heartbroken to Heartbreaker' blog/email and he said it was like something out of 'Dear Deidre' and how did it all relate to health and fitness..........
Ok so to start with if someone is going to trust me enough to come to my bootcamps, hire me as a PT or buy my products then they have to get to know me and that I am real! There are so many 'one dimensional' trainers out there that spout on about health and fitness, give hints and tips but don't let people get to know the real them and their personality. Now if you don't know me personally but you have read my e-mails/blog you can probably guess that I have got a cracking sense of humour and that I am honest (perhaps too honest sometimes!)
Yes I am into health and fitness, yes I love exercise and yes I quite like eating chicken and broccoli, however that is only one dimension to who I am.  I have great friends and family, I like to have fun, I am focused on my business and I am a disaster with men! There are days when I can't be arsed to get out of bed to go to work yet let alone train. There are days when I want to sit in my p.j's and eat chocolate. I have had some great times in my life and some shit times. The decision to let things knock us down or make us grow is what makes us who we are. Now when I am stressed and upset the gym is my are scones! However I want to be fit and healthy and look great in a bikini more than lounging around in my p.j's eating shit!
Life is not 'one dimensional'..........we have work, family, friends, relationships. 
Health has SIX dimensions.......... Emotional Health, Social Health, Spiritual Health, Physical Health, Environmental Health & Mental Health
If you have shit going on at work, it can affect your relationships, your eating habits and disrupt your training regime
If you have shit going on with your relationships, this can affect work, diet, fitness, emotional health, social health.
If you have a shit diet and aren't active, you can feel sluggish, depressed and tired all the time........which effects all six dimensions of health!
So the reason I write about personal things in my emails/blog is because I want you to know that I am human..........I laugh, I cry, I have fun, I get moody and sometimes I can be boring (not often though ha!)
When people are having a stressful or upsetting time then the first thing they tend to let slide is their diet and fitness, which in the long run just delays us from feeling better and can have negative effects on our physical & often mental health.
So if you want a 'one dimensional' trainer then that isn't me. And if you want some hints and tips and how to lose 6lbs in a matter of  days or something else as crazy then just buy Woman's Own! 
Andrea (several dimensions) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

From Heartbroken to heartbreaker

Hello Troops,
Well back into the swing of things now..........Monday I did a brutal leg session in the gym and thought I was actually going to be sick! My hardcore bootcampers looked like I did after the first session back on Monday! Christmas has destroyed everyone!!
Ok so its a New Year and I thought I would give you an update on my love life as I have been quiet on that front for a while. The reason for this is because it has been going well and going well doesn't make great reading!
Anyway since I drew a line under dubious episode number 4 and no longer have anything to do with him on a personal level, my life has got so much better. Since the summer it has been an influx of men asking me out and paying me attention and do you know what I have loved it! I actually said to my friend the other day that I have hung around with knob heads that long that I have turned into the one who is keeping them at arms length in case I get a better offer ;)
I also realised that I attract broken men.........
First love - Well looking back he was just a broken young man!
Second love - I met him not long after he had split from his girlfriend who had cheated on him. He was insecure, jealous and controlling. In the end he did to me what he worried about me doing and cheated on me..........b****rd!
Mr Marines (never loved him - but will use him as an example!) - He had also split from his girlfriend who had cheated and was against women and only wanted to get in the Marines.
Third love - Met him when he split from his girlfriend when he was in a stage of his life where he needed as much attention from as many women as possible to make him feel better about himself! (to be honest I think he will always be like that). Difference is he comes across as confident and funny and I think that is masking his insecurities.
Back end of last year I went on a few dates with Mr Fireman, he is happy in himself, confident and totally focused on his career.......which makes him attractive but not available in his eyes for a relationship! One thing I did learn from all my past mistakes is to not hang around for someone who is not willing to give you what you want! It seems to work being harsh with as he still texts me now!
Then there was Mr gym guy! Fancied him from afar for a while, we got chatting, messaging and then started briefly seeing each other. He did everything that I moaned about other guys not doing........he text everyday, I woke up to a texts, he arranged to do stuff, talked openly and treat me like a what was wrong with me!? I just didn't feel the Spark (whatever the spark is!) Now he had said he had been hurt in the past and was holding back so I wouldn't hurt him. Anyway because we got on great and I fancied him I thought I would see how it went. We spent time together over Christmas, he met my friends (who thought he was great) and Pappa S even bought him a pint. Anyway it all came to a head at the weekend when I spoke about it and he then just said he couldn't do it any longer & was holding back as he didn't want to get hurt. Now we are still friends as he is an amazing guy. For me though I didn't want someone else who needed fixing as it only causes problems down the line!
What it did make me realise is that I have fixed myself, I am ready for someone who is as strong as me and most importantly I have options........if you feel you don't have options then you are more likely to put up with shit! Now I never thought I would be questioning wether I wanted to be with such an amazing guy because I want the full package, marriage, kids etc........however sometimes you have to go with your gut! Now who knows things might change between us or Mr Fireman or more likely I will attract someone new. Its amazing how being positive brings positive people into your life. Gym guy might not have been Mr Right, however he restored my faith in men that there are some nice decent ones out there. He was so nice that I felt like the 'bloke' in the relationship lol.
Now you know I always like to relate my life back to diet and exercise and there are close I have said in my last couple of posts, if you want something bad enough you will get results. Or you might be like my broken army of men, you think you want something to change but when it comes down to it you are not quite ready to take the steps to do so.
It can be scary coming along to a new fitness session, it is hard work to follow a new eating plan........thats when we revert to what we know and what is easy. It would be easy for me to carry on with Mr Fireman knowing that I will never get the results I want. Just like eating those chocolates and treats will never get us the body we want. Diet and exercise are like have to want to do it, it takes dedication, patience and committment. You would never get married after one date so why would you expect to get your perfect body after one fitness session!?
If you are willing to take a chance, make a change and look after the most important person of all........YOU! Then there is always the right partner, fitness session and healthy eating plan out is a case of finding your perfect match! You just have to be willing to try something you never know it might turn out to be the best thing ever!!
Also I have had couples meet at bootcamp, one couple is now married expecting their first child!
Experience life and stay fit and healthy long enough to enjoy it!
Andrea (emotinally strong) Springthorpe
07949 959 547

Sunday, 3 January 2016

When you kinda wanna just do it.........

Boom Back to work Monday!!
I bet everyone jumped out of bed this morning raring to go..........or not!
I can't belive where this holiday has gone, I had so much I was going to do and probably only got a 1/4 of it done arggghh!
Anyway in my last email I spoke about goals and how embarking on a New Year makes the majority of people set goals and then come February they have gone by the way side. Like I mentioned before to stick at something you really have to want it as it will become something that gets put on the back burner or swept under the carpet if not!
Now a few months ago I set myself a challenge of being able to do 10 'strict' overhand pull-ups. I have been stuck at 4 for months/years and I always had a dream to smash out ten. I have had this dream for so long when I first set my challenge I said if I got ten then I would apply for Gladiators (when it came out the second time and not the original - I'm not that old lol!) Now it is that long ago that even the second time round Gladiators is no more ha!
Now I read up about how to improve on pull-ups as it is something I really want to be able to achieve, not sure why but a goal I have always had. I took the advice I read on board and within a matter of weeks I had progressed from 4 to 8!! So 10 in my head was achievable by Christmas, unfortunately Christmas came and I didn't do best effort was 9.5!! Now someone said if I wanted it bad enough then I would have got my chin over the bar! I actually wanted to punch them as this is something I REALLY want to do and my body just couldn't achieve it, amount of leg pumping was getting my chin over the bar! So my next target date was by the end of the year, now excess food and drink and the extra 1/2 stone I am carrying put that goal back too!
Now I could quite easily take my bat and ball home, get disheartened and give up.......however because this is something I really want (and the fact I am a stubborn bitch!) I will carry on trying till I get there! Yes my date might be delayed but I will get there and yes you guy's will be the first to know when I do lol! I want it so much I am trying to get my Dad to make me a pull-up bar in my flat!
Now all this got me thinking about why so many people don't achieve their goals.........I guess there are two types, those who try their damned hardest and for some reason they don't achieve it in the time scale they set.........but it's not from lack of trying (like my pull-ups). Or there are those that kinda want results.......but not really! If you were truly passionate about your goal then you would do everything in your power to do it!
nike kinda swoosh
Or it might be the fact that they are taking on someone else's goals or think that they should be doing something. Take diet and exercise..........I bet there are many people are out there that say they should eat healthy and the word SHOULD says that they don't actually want to!
The difference between someone saying they should do something and those who say they want to achieve XYZ is the results they produce. Those who should probably start exercising in January, stop by February and by the second week in January they are reaching for the cream cakes!
Now if you are overweight or don't exercise but are happy with what stares back at you in the mirror then high five! I have respect that there are people out there who are honest enough to say that they enjoy food and watching films too much. Everyone's goal is personal and different!
My goal is to be fit, healthy, live a long happy life, look amazing in a bikini and to stay looking as young as possible for as long as possible!!
If you have similar goals then make 2016 the year that you achieve them!
A goal is just a dream with an end date.............and in the words of 'Gabrielle' 'Dreams can come true!
Have a great day and see going back to work as a positive thing........I know I am looking forward to the structure and back to the healthy eating. Today is day one of the LifeForce Transformation plan, which I am sharing the experience with a group of motivated, full Nike swoosh people!
Andrea (mission abs) Springthorpe