Monday, 4 December 2017

Burpee's on the dancefloor

Hello Warriors.......

Hope you have had a good weekend? Saturday was one of the main events on the Fit 4 Force social calendar, it was our Christmas Party!

Boy I know I train you guys hard and you can certainly party hard! I am still trying to recover!! Can I just say that doing shots is not big or clever and I have to realise that I am no longer 21 ;)

We went to a local Italian restaurant and I must say that out of all the Christmas do's I have had it was the nicest food so far! It was great to see everyone out of their training clothes and glammed up instead. I have to say that I was looking round and thought how amazing everyone looked and in great shape too!

There was plenty of dancing going along with a few burpee's being 'smashed' out on the dancefloor.....without me telling people to do them too!

Now the thing I like to promote about bootcamp is how friendly everyone is, how everyone is made to feel welcome and how we have a great 'team' feeling both in and out of the sessions.

I have been to exercise classes before where I have walked in and felt like I shouldn't be there and wasn't made to feel welcome. This can be off putting for a lot of people........especially if you are new to exercise.

Christmas is well under way and New Year is just around the corner so its an ideal time to make the change.

So if you want to come along to a group session that.....
  • Makes you feel welcome
  • Caters for all abilities
  • Is friendly with some banter
  • And of course gets you results then click one of the links below
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