Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Hi Guys,
Hope you have all had a good weekend? I went out on Saturday and had a few drinks......the first time in a long time since I have been doing my competition prep. Let's just say it only took a couple of Red Wine's before I was ready to hit the dance floor ;) One thing I have not missed is losing a day the day after due to not feeling that great!
The other day I was on facebook and one of those links came up which compared your first ever profile picture to the current one. Now mine are roughly ten years apart and I was surprised in the difference in how I look. I personally think I have got better with age (like a fine wine) but I was surprised on how chubby I looked compared to now. Now the truth is I was 'lighter' on the scales than I am today!!
I can't actually remember my weight ten years ago however I know that I didn't go over 9 stone 2lb until I started training......well should I say training differently. Back then I did long distance running with no cross training or interval training. Now I wasn't fat, however I wasn't as lean and toned as I am now! On my most recent profile picture I was about 9st 8lb.
10 years apart
Now I am guilty as most about getting obsessed with the number on the scales however, I think the best way to track progress is to do measurements and progress pictures. You look at yourself everyday (or most days) in the mirror and can't see the changes. Doing photo comparisons is where you see the difference.
One question I ask is if you had the body you wanted would you give a shit how much you weighed? The scales just generate a number, they don't generate how you look, how you feel and how healthy you are.
So try not to get obsessed with the scales, take some selfies and click one of the links below so we can help with your diet and training.
Turn back time and start training and eating well :) 
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Andrea ('fine wine') Springthorpe
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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Another weekend another perma tan

Hi All,
Hope you had a good weekend and are having a good week? 
Well at the weekend I did another competition, this time in Leicester. Now my prep hadn't gone as well this time as I was ill the week before and couldn't train. However I still felt in better shape than my last one. I felt tighter round my middle and I had more muscle mass this time.
Now unfortunately I didn't place :( The standard was so high and this time there were 16 girls and the top three were in awesome shape. It actually gave me more determination for next year!
Now I had my treats on Sunday night and I am now back on the healthy eating doing the LifeForce plan. After my last competition I went nuts and binged for two weeks, were this time I don't want to. I enjoyed my curry and now I am enjoying a variety of different healthy food and recipes out.
We are on the countdown to Christmas but why not buy your LifeForce plan and change your lifestyle today?
Christmas is a time when we all put on a few extra punds however don't let those pounds turn into stone!
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Andrea (perma tanned) Springthorpe
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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Secret lives of 4 year olds

Hi All,
Well here we are end of another week, Christmas is slowly creeping up on us arghhh....
Last week when I was off ill, one thing I did that I haven't done in ages is just sit on the sofa all evening watching TV. I watched a programme called The Secret Life of 4 year olds, it was great to watch especially as I work with children of a similar age.

In episode one the children had to pair up and were joined together with a paper chain and they had to try not to break the chain. The idea was to get them to work together and compromise on the activities they wanted to do. Now in the group of children there are a few 'characters' one little boy in particular was pretty much ruling the roost from the start.

Now as you can probably guess him and his partners chain broke almost straight away......he then proceeded to break other pairings chains too. Now the programme was very interesting and funny to watch. Although I bet we all know someone like this, as soon as they fail they like to destroy others success?
1 person

How many times have you been on a healthy eating plan and have someone constantly tell you to eat more cake or offer you crisps, chocolate etc? I always think that people who do this are normally those who can't stick to something themselves and are jealous when others get results!?

I am lucky to be surrounded by friends and family who stop offering me chocolate and sweets and support what I do and what I want to eat. It is hard enough sticking to a healthy eating regime without someone trying to sabotage your success.

I have spoken to clients in the past who have had people call them 'sad' because they train and even told 'to get a life' because they turned down cake!!! Well if 'cake' is someone's life I am happy not having one ;)

So if you are focused and have a goal then surround yourself with like-minded supportive people, so click on one of the links below where you can have all the help and support you need.
Andrea (chain builder) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Work/Life Balance

Hello Troops,
Have you ever sat down and realised that you have got things out of balance? When I was Ill last week I realised that my work/life balance is out of kilter. I seem to be always working and I am that busy working that I am forgetting to have a life.

Now I love my work, however, something has to give.....my personal life and now my health is starting to suffer. So 2017 is my year to build my life as well as my business.

Health and fitness also have to balance.......when it comes to diet & exercise energy in v's energy out is what makes the difference. If you burn more energy than you put in (i.e eat less calories, train more) then this will have a positive effect on your weight, however the same goes for if you are eating more and training less. If you are putting in more calories than burning off then you are likely to gain weight.
prioritiesDietingPart2 01

So if you need to re balance your energy scales then click on one of the links below to let us help you make a change. Christmas is going to put us out of kilter so do something today to avoid the big imbalances. Our LifeForce plan has got many clients amazing results in just 21 days 
Andrea (over this illness lark) Springthorpe
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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Tough Ten completed

Hi Troops,
How are you? Hope you have all had a good weekend? I feel 50% human after being ill all last week :( Whatever I have had has totally floored me not even trained and my next competition is on Sunday arghh!!
On Saturday there was a 10k trial run at Roundhay Park in Leeds which was in aid of Cancer research......'Tough Ten'. Earlier this year a family friend lost her sister to Cancer so her and members of her family did the run in her memory, me and my Mum did it too. After feeling crap all week I was in two minds whether or not to do it.......then I thought there are people going through alot worse than having a bad cold so I did it and ran with my Mum.
It was a tough 10 too running through mud, sliding down bankings and running up stairs and hills at the finish. I was great to see so many people doing it, especially those who don't normally do anything like it. My Mum did great, she found it hard but kept going......and our family friend did amazing as she did it after having surgery on her knee in the past.  Now I got home had a bath and slept the rest of the afternoon and slept for double numbers on Saturday night.
This just got me thinking that no matter what your situation, you can achieve anything. Being healthy and fit is what keeps us younger and healthier inside. So forget the excuses and make changes today and click one of the links below.
Also we are on the count down to Christmas so now is the time to get into shape. Want to fit into that little black dress or Lounge suit then click below :) 
Andrea (sick of feeling sick) Springthorpe
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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Pulled up on my content!

Hi Guys,
The other day someone commented on my blog on how I contradict myself with the content that I put. They were referring to the comments I make about my diet.
One minute I say I am happy when I am eating healthy, but then state I can't wait to finish my strict competition prep and relax and eat what I want. So today I wanted to expand on this.
1. I am human, so yes every now and then I can't wait to eat a big bag of dairy milk buttons and not regret it ;)
2. When I say I can't wait to eat what I want then that doesn't necessarily mean I want to eat Pizza and Chips. When you are following a strict competition diet it can very repetitive, eating the same thing day in day out for weeks.
3. I should have said I can't wait to have variety back in my diet. You can eat delicious food which can be healthy. Variety is the spice of life!
After my last comp I binged on all the wrong foods and it made me feel like crap. You can be healthy and allow the odd treat.......I just went from one extreme to the other in a matter of days. My cheat meal turned into a cheat fortnight! I had been living in two extremes which are really unhealthy not only physically but mentally too. I learned my lesson and I won't be making the same mistake after my next competition.
As you all know I am very honest in my blogs and my content tends to come from what is happening in my life at the time I write them......they have real life relevance. The content might appear to contradict itself because one day I might be happy eating the strict plan then one day I might just fancy having steak for my tea instead!
When I did the LifeForce plan I never felt like I was on a diet, restricted or eating the same thing day in day out, so with Christmas just around the corner why don't you give it a go? 21 days to transform yourself...........get ready for Christmas ;)
Just click one of the links below.
Also thank you to the person who gave me the feedback as I do take things on board, it can get hard writing week in week out trying to think of new content that perhaps haven't covered. I would love to hear your feedback and what you think, plus it gives me ideas for my next blog ;)
Click below to change yourself.
Andrea (appreciate feedback) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

All the fun without the stress!

Hi Troops,
Hope you are having a good week? November is gradually marching on and we are heading to the dreaded 'C' word! I haven't even thought about any shopping yet arghh! I am however looking forward to some time off and giving myself a break from the strict diet and training routine.........few weeks to go yet so still on it as want to look good in my new outfit for the annual Christmas Parties!
Last week I was at work for my other non boot camp job and I was in a School speaking to a member of staff telling them what else I do for a living. They were saying how interesting it must be and I get to teach the kids in the school, get all the fun bits with-out the stress! Now I agree, I take my hat off to teachers, I think they do an amazing job as I don't think I could do it full time! However, as part of my job for the school work and for boot camp, I still have the planning, the preparation and try to keep things interesting and fresh. The hardest part of my job is putting a smile on my face when I have had a bad day.
 work stress
Now I sometimes feel stressed out about work, however it is because I am passionate about what I do and I want people to receive the best customer service possible are more importantly enjoy the sessions and get results.
Over the next few months there will be some changes coming , new packages, new sessions, so watch this space for more information. 
In the meantime if you want to transform your fitness, health and body in time for Christmas and next year then click one of the links below.
Andrea (passionate about health & fitness) Springthorpe
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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Never take things for granted

Hi Guys,
Hope you have all had a good weekend and enjoyed the Bonfire's and Fireworks. I helped out at Fire Service HQ Bonfire on Friday and it was freezing! I had seven layers on and still couldn't get warm........although I started feeling ill on Saturday so probably why :( So I have spend most of the weekend on the sofa feeling sorry for myself lol!
The other week I met up with a couple of my friends and when I got home one of them messaged me apologising for taking the things that she has that I want for granted (kids)I told her not to be daft and no need to apologise for having something amazing before me!
never take things for granted
Now this got me thinking about exercise and training, now I wake up in a morning I go and train (apart from when I have a cold lol) and get on with my day, now I just take this for granted that I will wake up and be able to do it! However how many people cant exercise due to injury or illness? How many people cant move on their own let alone exercise? How many people don't wake up in a morning?
So when you have that excuse not to exercise, just remember about those that would love to be able to exercise that can't..........never take being able bodied and healthy for granted. So click one of the links below and get moving ;)
Andrea (hate being ill) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

No time to work out?

Hi Guys,
I was out running on Sunday and only did a short one as I didn't have much time. Now I haven't been running for ages due to injury so my running fitness has taken a nose dive, but gradually getting back into it.
As I was pushing myself round trying to go quicker I thought you can get a great work-out in a shorrt period of time if you work hard.
All bootcamp sessions are based on interval based training, where you work at high intensity for a short period of time. Sessions last between 45-60 minutes so there is no excuse not to work out. 
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Andrea (getting back into fitness) Springthorpe
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