Sunday, 24 April 2016

Growing Old disgracefully ;)

Hi Guys,
Hope you have all had a good weekend? I have had another busy one! On Friday I went out for a family friends 60th Birthday. We went cocktail making in Leeds. What a fab night, I have done cocktail making before but it wasn't half as good as what we did on Friday.
We had the penthouse room to ourselves and got to go behind the bar and each whip up a couple of as you can imagine as the cocktails got flowing (along with the shots) everyone got drunk and had a laugh. You know things are getting messy when my Dad starts to dance!
The majority of the people who were at the party were either in their 50's or 60's and not one of them looked their age! They all looked younger, not only did they look younger they acted younger too. I just thought to myself if I am going cocktail making for my 60th then I will be happy!
How many times do you see people and are shocked to find out their real age as they either look loads younger or loads older than they are. Now its not always how their skin or face looks either. Someone can seem younger if they are fit, active and have a youthful outlook on life. I know people my age who aren't half as fit as my parents who are in their 60's!
A lot of the people that were at the cocktail making are friends of my Mum & Dad and some even come to bootcamp. Over the years they have kept themselves fit and healthy and followed a healthy lifestyle, all this has an impact on how quickly we age. I often see people who I went to School with in the supermarket, who are overweight or who smoke and they easily look ten years older than I do (although when I woke up with a pounding head and dehydrated skin on Saturday morning I probably aged ten years overnight lol!)
Now I can not guarantee that you will look younger in 20, 30 or 40 years time, however, if you eat healthy, look after your skin and stay active your biological age will kick your chronological age in the ass!
Look after yourself on the inside and it will start to show on the outside!
So if you want to roll back the years, click one of the links below.
Andrea (can't handle my booze) Springthorpe
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Thursday, 21 April 2016

It's not about the money, money, money

Hi Troops,
Seems like everybody's got a price,
I wonder how they sleep at night
When the sale comes first
And the truth comes second.
Just stop for a minute and smile

In the words of Jessie J!
In my last blog I talked about instructors who wanted to get people signed up then didn't real care about the results.......Today I want to follow on from that and share the real life struggles of running your own business and what makes it all worth while. I can remember when I was younger I always thought that people who had their own business were minted! I often saw 'business' people drive around in their fancy cars and park them outside their fancy houses and they had a few fancy holidays each year (can I say fancy anymore in one sentence lol!)
People often say to me that I must be minted if I have my own business!! PMSL if only! Anyone who has seen my car will know that I am not minted lol. Although I may not be financially minted, I am minted through my job satisfaction!
It got me thinking though, if I did what I do purely for the money then I would have jacked the business in probably a year after I started!! Running your own business can be lonely, I work unsociable hours, I have no-one to bounce ideas off, having a holiday requires planning in advance and I don't get to phone in sick! I have to work part time to supplement my income so I can pay my rent. That is something which drives me insane as it doesn't challenge me. Since I started my business I have come face to face with various challenges, big and small. First time I stood in front of a group of people was a challenge, infact I was shitting em! Now that is something that comes as second nature to me. When my Mum was ill there were days when I just wanted to sit in front of TV and cry, instead I had to put on a brave face and motivate clients to get the best out of their training. Everyday we wake up and face new challenges, its how you deal with those challenges that count.
Everytime I felt down and didn't want to come and teach a session, I am so glad I did. I rocked up had an amazing group of individuals working their butts off and I came away smiling! Everytime I get an email from someone giving positive feedback, everytime someone achieves a goal or hits a new milestone, everytime I see someone glowing with health or shrinking infront of my eyes, all give me something money can't buy.
If Carlsbery did clients.............I have the best!

Now if you are struggling with health, fitness or both then let us help.......
It's like this man, you can't put a price on the life
We do this for the love so we fight and sacrifice every night

You can't put a price tag on health and fitness.............
Remember we are not in it purely for the money, job satisfaction and seeing you get results is what counts!
So go on don't delay and click a link today! Let your challenges become our challenges.

Andrea (passionate about what I do!) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

As soon as they get what they want, they don't want to know!

Hi Guys,
Well what a crazy few days weather wise........Monday night at boot camp I had my ski jacket on as it was that cold and then tonight for my PT sessions I had my vest and then a hoody on! Two seasons in two days lol! I am hoping that Spring is finally here!
Anyway in my last blog I said that I would speak about the Awards evening that I went to on Friday..........Now unfortunately I didn't win my category boooo, however it was a great night and the experience was worth it. Congratulations to all the other businesses that got through to the final and a special shout out to those who won!
There were approximately 300 people who attended the black tie event and it was great to ditch the leggings and get glammed up for once! Only downside of wearing trainers all the time is that as soon as I put on a pair of high heels I start to walk like Tina Turner lol!
facebook 1461097622866
One random thing I want to share with you was the starter.........Melon & Goats cheese!!!! Yes you read it right, never had that combination before. Has anyone else? (other than those that were at the ceremony lol)
Even though it was a great evening I was shocked at how rude some people the evening went on people were talking over the organisers, to the point where you couldn't hear what they were saying! I was shocked as these were professional people with their own businesses! It seemed like that as soon as their category had been mentioned or they picked up the trophy they weren't interested in the rest of the evening!
Now like always I got thinking that this is often the same in the fitness not all but some PT's/fitness instructors get what they want (by you signing up) and then they lose interest once they have drawn you in.
Now I want all my clients to get the results THEY want..........I might think they should be doing something else at times, however if they are happy, then I am happy. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I had a PT client who wasn't interested or getting the most out of their sessions, so rather than carry on taking their money I suggested that we had a 'break'. Then I know if they want to train again that their heart will be in it.
You can be the best trainer in the world, however when you work with people for only a few hours a week, it is what they do out of the sessions that count!
So if you want a trainer who listens to speakers at events, takes an interest as you as an individual and is their to support on and offline then click one of the links below.
We will be revamping our contracts at the beginning of May which takes a holistic approach to health & fitness. Health and fitness is a combination of different elements and we want to help all clients achieve their watch this space.
Andrea (I bet you thought that title was about a man) Springthorpe
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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Mr Amazing!

Hi Guys,
Hope you have had a good weekend? I have had a busy one, Awards evening on Friday (which I will write about in my next blog) and a house party on Saturday. House parties are always a great idea untill you wake up the next day and your house looks like the Tasmanian devil has hit it!!

The other day someone asked me why I don't write about all the great guys in my life? Now I do know great guys, quite alot of them actually I just never thought it would make good reading lol. So today I thought I would take that advice and write about one amazing guy in particular. One that has set my standards so high when it comes to meeting a guy to have a relationship with.........


My Dad (aka 'our Nige') is great! He is there for us all, does bits of DIY for me and my brother without any questions and just gets on with things. Over the last few months you have all read about my Mum and my poor Dad never gets a mention.

On Thursday he turned 65!! (old buggar lol) so I wanted to dedicate this email to him. Now he is probably the main person who got me into exercise, I started going to the gym with him when I was about 19 and then started running with him too........well I say running with him he was like a whippet back then and I couldn't keep up! As time passed I did eventually catch him and beat him lol. The last race we did together (well on the same day) was the London Marathon when he was 60!! His Marathon days are now over, however he still regularly cycles, goes to the gym and comes to my bootcamp on a weekly basis!

I am proud to have him as my Dad!

My Dad didn't really start exercising until he was in his late 30's and i think that along with good genes has kept him looking young!

IMAG1126 2
My Dad in his 40's (left) and him and Mum supporting me on Friday night!

FB IMG 1460925951475 2-1
So if there is anyone reading this thinking that they can't exercise as they are too old, then think again, exercise & health doesn't have an age limit on it. I have trained people from 5 years old to 70 years old!
All it takes is one small click on one of the links below to make a change to your health & fitness..........young & old welcome :)

Life Support......let the SWAT team help

Eat to look young!

Train back the years!

Andrea (proud of my parents) Springthorpe
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Thursday, 14 April 2016

What happens when the 'honeymoon' period is over?

Hello Guys,
Weekend is nearly here!! Friday night is Business Awards Ceremony so thanks for everyone who voted for me, fingers crossed I win!!
The other day I went to the gym and bumped into a guy that I was seeing end of last year and beginning of this year. Now this is a guy who I got on great with and for no particular reason it didn't go anywhere, but we said we would stay friends............well lets just say he turned into a friend whom I didn't keep up contact with and he totally blanked me in the gym! Now I thought it was a bit weird however that is his choice not to talk to me (I did actually leave school many years ago so thought it was odd lol)
Now to start with this guy seemed perfect, he did all the chasing, seemed kind and considerate, got on with my friends and we enjoyed each others company. However the longer I was seeing him I realised that there was 'something' missing and thats when we decided to stay friends. 
I actually wanted to feel more for him than I did as on paper he ticked all the boxes and treat me like a princess, so when I got blanked I thought it was pathetic.............anyway I am past trying to understand what goes on in men's heads lol.
You are probably thinking how is she going to relate this one back to health and fitness............well many things, mainly in the 'diet' industry start off great, look good on paper as they bring great results, however to sustain them for the long term is often impossible and when the 'honeymoon' period of results is over then negative things can start to happen.
You will often find this when it comes to things like herbal shite, juice plus and now the new craze that people are on is some aloe vera all this will start off great as you will get results, quick.........mainly because you are dramatically reducing calories and starving yourself. However once the initial weight loss has happened people start to feel crap, have no energy and are hungry and miserable! This is when reality kicks in and people realise they cant sustain such extremes for a long period of time. Binges take place and when 'food' is eaten again more weight than when they first started is often put back on!
Now I cant help you understand the opposite sex, however, I can help you eat healthy natural foods without starving yourself and feeling like you are starving yourself! Like all great relationships, great results are not achieved overnight. One healthy meal and fitness session is not going to make you miraculously lose weight, just like one date does not guarantee marriage. Things that are worth having need to be worked at on a daily basis. So be consistant and realistic. How miserable must it be living off shakes all the time?!
So if you want to eat real food, want online support with your goals or want to train to get results, click one of the links below!
Andrea (dodged another bullet) Springthorpe
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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

No experience needed

Hello Guys,
So earlier this week I had the pleasure of going back to Huddersfield University where I graduated from to do a guest talk on work placement. Now when I was invited I asked what I needed to talk about and was asked to cover benefits of work placement and what I would expect from a work placement student.
So I prepped a small talk and when I got to University there was another guest speaker there also covering the same subject. We were then taken to a full on lecture theatre!! I instantly started bricking it and felt like I did when I was at University!!!
The other guy went before me and I sat and listened and felt under pressure as I hadn't got a power point sorted, then I just thought to myself, what is the worse that can happen........they can decide to ignore my advice, not listen or they can actually listen to what I say and even if they take away one snippet of information which will benefit them then it was worth me going.
Now one thing I covered in my talk was what I would look for in a placement student is realibility, punctuality and most of all passion. I can teach someone how to structure a session or how to do some marketing etc, however one thing that cant be taught is motivation, enthusiasm and reliability.
Its the same with diet and exercise, I can teach all the basics, give advice and help motivate along the way, however it is you guys that have to want to do something with that information. You have to want to make changes, you have to want to come to the sessions, you have to want that online support.............without what do you normally get?
People often say that they aren't fit enough to come to bootcamp!!! WTH that is why you come to improve fitness. NO EXPERIENC NEEDED!
So if you want to make that change (oooo Michael Jackson popped into my head then lol) click one of the links below.
Andrea (I miss my Uni days) Springthorpe
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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Totes Emosh Bell Ringing

Hey Troops,
The bell has finally been rung!
Now when you hear a bell it normally signifies the start or the end of something..........
School........ its the start of break & the end of break
Boxing...... start of a round, end of a round
Church bells.........often rung when two people are starting a journey together as they get married
Now on Friday my Mum rang a bell in the hospital which signified the end of her treatment wahoo! This is one journey that I am glad is over!!
The other day I received a lovely message from one of my clients....
Hey Andrea, just wanted to let you know I've been trying on dresses for a weekend away I'm going on.Amazingly some of the dresses I haven't been able to fit into for years now are now too big! I haven't really lost much weight but like you said my body shape has changed so much I can't believe it! Bit cheesy but really enjoy the classes and obviously doing me really good! So glad I joined!!
Thanks so much x

What an amazing message to recieve! See like I have said before it is not just about the numbers on the scales! It makes me realise why I do my job and makes me happy that I make people happy. Now one day my client decided to start a new journey, she rang her bell and came to bootcamp!
So if you have a bell you want to ring, then click one of the links health & fitness is one journey you need to keep going on so why not start today!
Andrea (got 'totes emosh' on that bell ringing) Springthorpe
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Thursday, 7 April 2016

You cant be Wonder Woman or Superman all the time!

Hi Guys,
First of all I want to thank everyone who sent me messages about my last it made me realise that I am not alone and I don't have to try to be Wonder Woman (even if I would love to wear that Uniform to work everyday) and the other thing is that alot of people could relate to what I was going through. It was also nice to know because I was frank about how I was feeling, it made others realise that they are normal for feeling the same!
So big group virtual hug to you all! Sometimes a good cry and a hug is all someone needs to make you feel better.
Anyway in my last blog I spoke about putting on an 'Act' which I think if we are all honest we do most of the time. I know I did last week when I turned up to work put a smile on my face and gave you all a good beasting, when inside I was an emotional wreck! How many times do you get asked if you are ok and you answer with standard response of 'yeah fine, how are you?' I know I do this alot...........because in reality if we turned round and said we were having a f***ing shit day people wouldn't know how to respond. Society says that we should all be strong and hide how we feel, but sometimes we just need to be honest.
Now alot of people see that I am motivated, determined, have a busy life and get on with things......which the majority of the time I do. And when I was having my melt down I was upset that people didn't seem to be bothered about how I was feeling, however how would they know any different when I constantly said I was fine! Now I agree there is a time and place for letting our emotions out and I couldn't be in the middle of a teaching a session and sit and cry when I was having an off day. I am there to help motivate you guys. However by doing these blogs you will realise that I am human & honest!
Anyway the other day I got a message from a facebook friend saying how they thought I would be the ideal person to have on their team to work for them and to drop them a message if I was interested.........hmmmmmm so I replied asking what it was doing and it was to sell bloody Juiceplus!!! I replied with a no thanks as it wasn't something I belived in and certainly wouldn't promote as a fitness instructor! Now when I read the message I thought what a load of shit, you don't think I'm ideal you just want loads of people to target vulnerable people who want to lose weight fast and they don't know how to do it so they live off shakes for a few weeks, lose water and muscle (weight), end up looking ill and putting fat back on when they go back to solids!!
Now I might sometimes put on an 'act' when teaching sessions to give you the best experience in your sessions, however, if you are wanting someone to tell you that you can exercise for one hour a week, eat crap and get results then you looking at the wrong instructor. I will be honest with you, I will call you up on the fact that you have just let slip that you have had a Mcdonalds breakfast, I will push you harder if you are talking through the session when you should be out of breath and most of all I will be here to support you when you are ready to ask for help.
So if you are like me and try to be Wonder Woman or Superman all the time and are starting to realise that it is a tough job for one person then let me help. I can motivate you to start exercising, I can help with your nutrition and be here as support in the online SWAT group. This group isn't just for support on exercise and nutrition, it is for coaching I well know, when life seems shit one of the first things to slide is exercise and diet.....which then makes us feel worse. So if you want to moan about friends, family. work anything this it what it is there for too.
So if you are ready to make the change click one of the links below :) 
Andrea (I am not Wonder Woman) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Sometimes it only takes a small straw to break a weak back!

Hi Guys,
Do you ever feel like your life has gone to shit? No matter how positive you try to be things just seem to go wrong or get on top of you?
Well over the past couple of weeks that is how I have felt. I am normally positive and just get on with whatever life throws at me, however over the last few weeks little things have started to happen which I have let get on top of me and now I feel like the world is about to end! Well things aren't quite that bad yet, but feel it in my own head lol!
All these small things that have built up have been affecting me emotionally which has resulted in my diet and exercise going to pot!
Now I tend to be an emotional eater and when I feel fed up I eat shit, which makes me feel worse as I feel tired, sluggish, bloated, which then makes me want to eat more shit and it is just one vicious circle! It is half term at the minute and the first week I decided to have a week off training to recharge my batteries, as I could feel myself getting more and more tired and getting little injuries. Well I lasted 4 days before I was ready to hit the gym again ha. It makes me feel so much better when I train! 
Anyway throughout March I had a scales ban with myself and clients as I think people get too obsessed with how much they weigh. So on Saturday, I hopped onto the scales and did my measurements again and I could have cried.........the 'emotional' eating had caught up with me. It was that point that something clicked in my head, I had to take control, now I might not be able to control what is happening around me however I can control what I put in my mouth! So by Saturday afternoon my fridge was full of healthy food and I have been back on it since.
Now Monday came, along with my period which makes things seem twice as bad! I went to the hospital with my Mum, we had a cuppa before I dropped her off home and I headed to the gym. I parked up, pulled on the handbrake and snap, my handbrake went! Now normally I would have been abit pissed off and thought how much is this going to cost me, but I sat and inside I had a major paddy. Now if the gym hadn't have been full of people I think I would have burst into tears. 
Instead I did what most people do, put on an act (I will talk more about this in my next blog) took my frustration out on my training, went to work and then did what every grown adult sometimes needs to do, got home, jumped in the shower and cried till I had no tears left! Now my handbrake was the straw that broke the camels back! And as my back was weak to start with it only took a little straw.
One thing I have learnt is that I can't control how some of my friends can't seem to be arsed to make an effort, how someone seems to be sneaking back in my life messing with my emotions and the fact that I am too strong for my own good that I pull my handbrake on and break it ;) however I can control how I react to these situations, so I can keep eating healthy and train hard and I can decide to say something about the things bothering me or let them slide.............yes I will be the former ;)
So take control of your life, health, fitness and click one of the links below! 
Andrea (Needs to 'Man up' again) Springthorpe
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Sunday, 3 April 2016

50 Reasons to exercise.........& your butt is one!

Hi Guys,
Hope you have had a good was great to get up Sunday morning put the trainers on, headphones in and go for a run in the Sun! It certainly makes you feel better. I had my 'customer choice' playlist on which I had forgotten that I had, a real eclectic mix of music........Killers, Queen, Train, David Ghetta and many more to get me up those damn hills! My mood was lifted and I am always more productive after exercising.
The other day I came across a couple of photos, one was 50 reasons to exercise 50 reasons to exerciseand the other well lets just say if the 50 reasons didn't motivate you to get active then the other one will! (see below).
How many people leave getting their 'beach body' to the last minute? You have probably heard the saying Summer bodies are made in the Winter........well as we are now in Spring I am guessing that your's is well underway? If not then let us give you the kick up the backside you need........FB IMG 1457738419534
Forget the shakes and fad diets that leave you with saggy skin and no muscle, you need to lose weight gradually whilst toning up through exercise. Now I don't think I am telling you something you dont already know. If you want the quick fix then perhaps you need to click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page. If you want help in changing your liefstyle, body and attitude click one of the links below.
No fads, no shakes, no bullshit.........just real food, high intensity exercise with real instructors who care! So if you want to keep your 'crack' covered up or want the 50 great reasons to exercise then let us help!
Andrea (Mr Brightside kept me going) Springthorpe
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