Tuesday, 26 June 2018

What happens in Ibiza.....goes in my blog!

Errrr well the title is not entirely true.......certain things that happen in Ibiza can go in my blog, the rest can stay in the Balearics!

So last week I was back to reality after spending four nights on the gorgeous Isle of Ibiza. Eight of us jetted off and spent four nights for fun in the sun in a private Villa. To say that the holiday was action packed is an understatement. I am not sure how we fitted it all in!

Now I am not going to give you a blow by blow account of what happened, however in short we Irish danced and synchronised swam till the early hours and killed Meatloaf on the karaoke. Drunk purchased beach fabric whilst sunbathing, spent a whole day on a private boat, stopping off at a gorgeous Island. And danced away to Tinie Tempah and David Guetta........not bad for only 4 nights.

For me it was a fantastic break with fantastic friends which combined all the components I would want out of a holiday.......relaxing, laughing, experiencing new things and enjoying nice food and drink.

For me I love variety.......whether that relates to a holiday, my work, my training, my life in general. How boring would it be if we did the same thing day in day out!?

Taking this into account I like to take that variety and inject it into my fitness sessions........each session is different and includes the components for an all round health and fitness regime.......strength, endurance, speed and power.

The hard part of most training is knowing what to do and to also get a balance.......so many people stick to one element of training (i.e cardio) and end up getting injured as they have neglected their strength....or vice versa. Now there isn't a one size fits all approach, however, if you want to try something new, which offers a balance of different training techniques and components of fitness then click one of the links below.
Click here for variety of training
Click here for a eating plan full of variety
Andrea (on countdown to the next trip!) Springthorpe
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Monday, 11 June 2018

In the words of Phil Collins......

My names Andrea and I have been watching Love Island!......

There you have it, confession over......I am known to watch reality TV, with Love Island being the most recent. Now I watched it last year and vowed not to get hooked this year! I won't say I am hooked, however, I know enough to be writing about it.

The one thing that has shocked me this year, is how much the contestants talk about who they like, what their 'game plan' is and how much pressure they put on each other to make a decision after only a week in there! As Phil Collins Mama said 'You can't hurry love!'

Love or any kind of relationship is something which is built over time......... getting to know someone properly, doesn't happen over night, it takes months, years and sometimes then you don't fully know someone. Now the circumstances which they are in are not natural, if you met someone you wouldn't spend 24/7 with them to start....so the intensity of things are often increased.....however, these types of situations rarely last!

The same goes for health and fitness, results don't happen over night, they happen over time.......one chocolate bar doesn't make you fat, nor does one salad make you thin! It is what you do the most of that impacts your results......if you consistently eat 'bad' you will put on weight, if you consistently eat 'good' then you will get closer to your results. Now you can follow the extreme fad diets, live off shakes and 600 calories,  lose weight (mainly water and muscle when you are starving yourself) but these are not sustainable. Then when you go back to eating again the original weight and often more is gained!

Over the last 8 weeks I have been reigning in the bad 'comfort' eating habits I had got into over the rubbish winter we have had. Consistency has paid off....I have lost 11lb and 13.25" Now I have done that over a period of time, not starved myself, trained consistently and had the odd treat! For me this was 'getting myself back' and to stop reaching for food when I was stressed or tired.

You can't hurry health & fitness, or love for that matter......however, you can build a solid foundation to start building on what you want in the future.....(mine is abs for my 40th!)

So if you want help to achieve your goals, in a healthy sustainable way then click one of the links below.......

Click here for consistent fitness
Click here for a sustainable eating plan
Andrea (is now beach ready) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

When you know something is wrong and do it anyway.......

Hi Guys,

Hope you have had a good weekend and enjoyed the lovely weather we had?

Last week was a busy week.....we officially signed and started training our new franchisee with Legacy Sport (my other business). So it was great for me to relieve some stress and put my boot campers through their paces ;)

On Friday I met a friend for coffee and whilst I was waiting for her arrive I went to get some more earrings. I went into the shop and asked them to show me where the clip on's were..........I cant believe the limited choice, well unless I wanted to wear Unicorns or lady birds in my ears! I was looking and one of the assistants came straight over and asked if I wanted to have my ears pierced instead.

Now for those that don't know I was born with a hole in the heart and have two leaky valves so I am not supposed to get any piercings in case there is a risk of infection. I proceeded to tell the assistant this and also said that it probably included tattoos but I had them anyway!

Now I would like to say that this is something which was done when I was young......well my first one was and my last one was when I was 37 (or 38 - can't remember) so I can't blame it on being too young to know any better.

If we are honest we have probably all done something at some stage in our lives which we know is wrong, or not good for us and done it anyway.

If we look at health related things, how many people smoke, drink in excess, constantly eat the wrong foods and never exercise? These are all things which have a negative effect on our health yet people still make the decision to do it.

I'll be honest when I had my first tattoo I was 23, just split from my fiancée at the time and went and got it without thinking. Fast forward 14/15 years and I knew what I was doing, went to a reputable artist and looked after it properly.

The same goes with diet, if you are consistently good, then one cheat meal is not going to harm you. However it is when the cheat meals become regular and the healthy eating is limited that issues can arise.

So if you want to take your first step to becoming a healthy version of yourself then click one of the links below and let us help you.
Click here to have a healthy heart and body
Click here to reduce cheat meals and increase healthy eating
Andrea (managed to get some decent clip on's) Springthorpe
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P.S Look out for our revamped packages coming soon!