Friday, 28 June 2019

Don't hide your scars, they make you who you are!

Last Friday was #scarselfie day, which was a celebration from Children's heart surgery fund in Leeds. For me this is something which is close to my heart - literally! At the age of nine I had open heart surgery to repair a hole in my heart, which I am glad to say that 31 years later I am still going strong (well most of the time lol). I have two leaky valves and still go for check ups every four years, but otherwise I forget that I have a heart condition - even my scar is something I have grown up with so often forget it is there.

Now for me I have been lucky that it hasn't really affected what I do, I keep active and lead a normal life........and run a fitness company! My parents play a massive part in that as they never wrapped me in cotton wool, there are a few things I can't/shouldn't do like have my ears pierced and have tattoos (kind of ignored the second one!) Having a scar at nine years old was pretty cool (from what I remember), however, had I had to have the operation in my teenage years or early twenties I am guessing that the impact of that would have been worse, from an embarrassment level.

As I got older, started going out & meeting guys it was something I tried to cover. I hardly wore low cut tops and if I did I would wear a large or long necklace which covered it. As I have got older, more confident and the scar has faded it doesn't bother me anymore - it is part of me.

We all go through life and gather some kind of 'battle scars' whether this be physical or emotional. When it comes to exercise, some people are scared to try sessions, as they may have had a bad experience in the past or they have bad memories of school PE (which is now so much better!) Or they have a fear that they can't do something due to current weight/fitness levels etc.

Our bodies are quite robust, it is our minds that normally quit before our body does! I have clients past and present that have found it hard just walking into the first session due to nerves and not knowing what to expect - now I wouldn't even know that they ever felt like that as their confidence in what they can do has grown.

For me exercise ticks so many boxes, both physically and mentally, however, the one box I will focus on today is the healthy heart why not check off the first box on your health and fitness journey!

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Andrea (excuse the serious selfie face) Springthorpe
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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Ever thought of something when it's too late!?

Well it's Tuesday and I aren't at a concert! So back to my usual coffee haunt to do my blog. When it comes to deciding what content to put in my blog, I can have a sudden flash of inspiration or I can spend several hours deciding what to write about and what angle to take........(today's inspiration is slow!!)

Now Sunday was Fathers Day and first I want to say a massive shout out to all the amazing Dad's (and father figures) out there....starting with My Dad 'our Nige' the best Dad I could ever of wished for. He inspired me to run and go to the gym and one memory I will always have is doing the London Marathon the same year as he did his last one (for his 60th). I did beat him that year! However, his come back would be that I haven't beat his PB (personal best)! I will let him have that one as I did beat his half marathon PB (not that we are competitive or anything lol).

So as I was sat thinking about writing about Fathers Day I thought I should have done a special bootcamp offer to celebrate Fathers Day!  I often have great brainwaves when it is too late! I also often think of something funny to say hours after a conversation has passed :)

Now I can still do a special offer as I have the time & the choice to do so (see below) but what about all those people who are too late to do something about their health and fitness? What about those who have chronic health conditions due to years of neglect, lack of exercise, being over weight and not following a healthy diet. What about those people who suddenly decide to do something about it and it's too late as they are too ill or can no longer move properly.

To many (myself often included) we think that all those things like getting old are years away and that 'it won't happen to us'. Well we will all get older and the aches and pains will creep in, however, if we keep fit and healthy when we are younger then we can keep these to a minimum.

I put a post on social media at the weekend about my Dad and someone commented on how was he old enough to have a 40 year old daughter! (unfortunately that is me and not some long lost older sister!) I think he is blessed with good genes, however, keeping fit and healthy over the years has kept him younger looking (well unless you see him trying to get up and down a ladder with his knackered knees, then he looks old!)

Don't leave it too late, Be someone's inspiration and more importantly have a lifestyle that leads to a good quality of life as we get older

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Andrea (thought my Dad was awesome for picking us up with our elbows as kids!) Springthorpe
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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Flying without Wings!

Another week another boy band (well now a man band!) This week myself and my Mum went to see Westlife! I have to say that I enjoyed them more than Take That!  I have re-developed my crush I used to have on them as a younger woman lol (still there as an older woman!)

Their music reminds me of my early twenties, great memories with great friends. I often did my ironing whilst Westlife was blurting out - perhaps I need to rekindle that routine to make my ironing a little more exciting! (although I am not sure ironing can ever be exciting!)

Now one of their classic songs is 'Flying without Wings' I am sure many people have played that as their first dance at their Wedding or if you're like me sung along whilst ironing your work clothes.

As I have got older I listen to lyrics of songs and put more meaning to them - some of the lyrics I really liked (and noticed) were the following......

So impossible as they may seem
You've got to fight for every dream
'Cause who's to know
Which one you let go
Would have made you complete

I think these words are so true and can relate to many aspects of your life, health, relationships, career, many people give up on something before they have given it a chance/or when things become hard?
  • Don't get an instant promotion or pay rise - quit & get another job
  • Don't lose a stone in a week - quit and then eat cake to feel better
  • Don't get a six pack after one abs class - never go back and tell friends how rubbish it was
  • Have an argument with a partner - get on facebook or Tinder and find someone new!
Now I am being facetious - however I don't think it is far from the truth?
We live in a world of instant gratification where people are no longer willing to wait for things or to work for longer term goals. Now I freely admit that I am very impatient - however when it comes to longer term goals I know that things don't happen overnight.

It is so easy to indulge in a high-calorie treat instead of picking a healthy snack, easier to hit snooze instead of getting up early to exercise. It is also easier to try a quick fix diet fad instead of working hard and achieving long term sustainable goals.

Even the days of waiting to have your photo's developed are gone! - everything is instant!!

So if you have a dream you have to fight for it, you have to work for them and realise that most things that are worth having don't knock on our door or happen overnight.

If you want a quick fix then I would suggest you don't click one of the links below - however if you want to make a dream a reality and are willing to work for it then let us help and click one of the links below :)

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Andrea (still waiting patiently for two of my dreams!) Springthorpe
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Friday, 7 June 2019

30 Years in the making!

This weeks 'Tuesday' blog has turned into 'Friday' I was busy dancing away to Take That on Tuesday! The concert was held at The John Smiths Stadium ,so bit of a bus mans holiday for me, however, it was pretty exciting to know that the floor where our office is, is where all the dressing rooms were! No back stage access unfortunately!

We got absolutely soaked, however the concert was fab! Rick Astley was the support act who was equally as good.

I first saw Take That many years ago when I was about 14.......we were on holiday in Cornwall and they were playing as part of the Radio One roadshow on Fistral beach in Newquay. To say I was a little excited is an understatement! Many years have passed and I have seen them four times since.

On Tuesday they said how they had been going 30 years in total and their first ever gig was at a nightclub in Huddersfield in front of 12 people! Over that time they have had highs and lows, gone from a group of 5 to a trio.........and the one that no-one fancied (Gary Barlow) seems to be everyone's 'man crush'  (mine included).

You can also have highs and lows in fitness, you might be full on for a while then lose motivation or life gets in the way and you stop. You might start training 5 times a week and gradually reduce that to 3. Or you might find a love for it later in life. Fitness isn't a one size fits all template, nor is it something which happens overnight. For me however, it is about being consistent regardless of your circumstances. Yes the type of training may change. the days & times may vary, however the commitment to yourself should always be there.

What would have happened if 30 years ago Take That decided to quit as their first audience was only 12 people!?

If you want fitness training which is consistent, includes a variety of training techniques and can be done after work then click one of the links below.

Remember Gary Barlow wasn't always as fit as he is today!

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Andrea (better at writing blogs than taking pictures!) Springthorpe
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