Thursday, 26 April 2018


All the Gear no Idea

Hello Troops,

Hope you are having a good week?

My blog earlier in the week spoke about the London Marathon which took place at the weekend and how you need commitment and dedication to train and complete.

Now on Sunday I was taking part in some different training, still running, however, it was short distance rather than long distance. In fact it was sprinting! I went down to the track and did some 60 metre interval sprints. Now I have done lots of interval training over the years, in all aspects of training, however when it comes to running I have done longer intervals.

On Saturday I even bought myself some track spikes, which I have said I would do for a while now. So Sunday morning I rocked up to the track and was quite excited to try the new treads out (plus they have purple on them so look good too).

So we set off doing our intervals, now if you have never worn spikes before (like me) they do feel a bit weird to start as they force you onto your toes (correct sprinting technique). Towards the end of the session my friend asked me what that was on the she picked up a spike. So when we looked around realised that there were a few spikes on the might guess what came next? Most of the spikes had come out of my shoes! Talk about all the gear and no idea!

In my defence when I bought them from the shop, and even on the box it said not to over tighten. However I obviously hadn't tightened them enough! Luckily we had only used one section of the track so we managed to find them all (great cool down lol). My friend who used to do a lot of sprinting then put them in secure for me!

Lucky for me I have a friend who knew what she was doing! How often do you find though that you want to try something new but don't always have the correct knowledge or tools to do so? This happens a lot when it comes to health and fitness. Many people want to make positive changes in their lives and are not sure how to do it. How many people walk into a gym and head straight to the treadmill or cross trainer because they are not sure how to use the rest of the equipment or not sure what they should be doing?

That's why at boot camp all we ask is that you have training clothes, trainers and a drink and then you can leave the rest to us. Turn up and worrying about what you should be doing in sessions, what exercises you should be doing or if you are doing them correctly. So if you want to take the thinking out of training or nutrition then click one of the links below!
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Andrea (sprints made my abs ache!) Springthorpe
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Monday, 23 April 2018

A Marathon theme going on.

Hello Troops,

Hope you have all had a good weekend and made the most of the sunshine! 

This weekend was the London Marathon and I would like to say a massive well done to those 'Fit 4 Forcers' who completed it.......on what was one of the hottest London Marathons on record!

Now I have done it in the past and it always seem warmer than normal due to the amount of bodies, that with 23 degree heat I take my hat off to everyone who did it! It is a major downside to having it April, you train through cold, wet miserable weather and the day itself can be glorious, just like yesterday!

Now I have done several Marathons in the past and quite honestly at this moment in time I don't have any desire to do another! Although when I was watching it on TV yesterday morning it did back some happy memories (still not enough for me to enter again lol).

One thing it did get me thinking about was how much training, commitment and consistency is required to complete a marathon......well unless you are celebrity and just rock up with a place and think you can do it without the required amount of training!

Anyway the same goes to health and fitness in general......there is no magic pill, no quick fix, it requires dedication, commitment and most of all consistency. 
For me consistency is key, skipping training sessions and only eating 'healthy' one or two days a week don't get results.

For long term results you have to make it a way of life, build your training sessions into your weekly routine, eat healthy on a regular basis with the odd treat thrown in.

If you want help starting your lifelong health & fitness marathon then click one of the links below.
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Andrea (consistent) Springthorpe

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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Get out of your comfort zone!

Hi All,

Hope you have all had a good weekend and are ready for the impending heat wave!?

I have had quite a busy weekend, which involved hot tubs, celebrating my Dad's birthday and climbing through tree's for a friends birthday!

On Sunday I went to Go Ape, which involves climbing up tree's, going over moving platforms (at a height!) and zip wiring to the ground.

If I am honest I am not great with heights.......well certain aspects of heights that I am not great with. I can jump out of a plan and zip wire to the ground no problem, however, anything where I have to manoeuvre myself across a platform at a great height makes me 'brick it' and swear a lot!.......if those platforms swing or move then I am even worse. Now if I analysed it deeply I am fine dangling from a small wire and jumping into the unknown....however I don't trust my own ability/control when walking across platforms! Anyway that is something beyond my comprehension and too complex for my blog lol.

I wasn't looking forward to going as I had done something similar on a hen do in Majorca a few years ago and ended up having to climb back down as I was terrified! So the fact that I got round without freezing at the top of a tree is good going. I think I had the previous bad experience at the back of mind which was putting me off. I am really glad I went as in the main I enjoyed it......some parts I loved and some parts I hated.

This can happen when it comes to exercise and can be daunting going to that new exercise session, you might have had a previous bad experience which puts you off trying something new. However, more often than not, the fear is in our head. At Fit 4 Force we like to make everyone have a positive experience and enjoy the sessions. There may be parts you don't always like, however, in order to get results you often have to push yourself out of your comfort zone!

Looking back to starting my business and my first ever session....I was scared, out of my comfort zone and wasn't sure if I could do it! Nearly 7 years on and I am still going with no regrets!

So if you want help stepping out of your comfort zone then click one of the links below.
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Click here for a 'non comfort' eating plan
Andrea (glad I stepped into the unknown) Springthorpe

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P.S Look out for our revamped packages coming soon!

Friday, 6 April 2018

Toddler on the run!

Hello Troops,

Hope you all had a good Easter and didn't eat too many eggs ;) I cant believe the bank holiday weather! Hopefully we will now get a spring and we are done with all the snow!

So today I went to the gym first thing and then went to my second office (aka coffee shop) whilst I was waiting to go shopping with the big bro.

I was sat by the window when I saw a toddler running across the car first I couldn't see an adult near this child and obviously there were cars coming in and out so I started to panic a bit. Then I saw a woman running (or trying to run) after this child....with a potty in her hand (random but anyway).

Now the thing that shocked me about this situation was that the adult wasn't fit enough to keep up with the child. You often find that parents/grandparents can't keep up with children. I think this is quite shocking in a situation which involves play, however, when it involves safety it is quite worrying.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that children can dart in a split second, however, if you are fit enough to catch them it shouldn't be an issue. If there was a car coming today then this blog would be completely different.

I have grown up with fit and healthy parents so when I was a child I could never out run them (unfortunate for me at times lol)....... although I could beat them both now ;) My childhood was spent playing rounders in parks and always been quite active, so when I see parents who can't keep up I think that both the child and parent are missing out.

I promote health & fitness and want people to become the best version they can be.......not only for themselves but for their family too.

So if you are a parent who needs to keep up with their kids or someone who wants to become the best version of themselves then click one of the links below.......
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Andrea (don't want to be out run by a toddler one day) Springthorpe

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