Thursday, 9 January 2020

Capture your Happy moments

I have just sat down in my second office (a well known coffee shop) to write my first blog of 2020 and I realised that it has been over 2 months since I wrote my last one! Not great to say that I used to do them on a weekly basis!

I actually felt bad that I hadn't stuck to my weekly routine for the last two months of the year! Plus I missed my weekly coffee shop blogging as I am very much a people watcher and forgot how entertaining this can be! (apart from the guy sat behind me who thinks that the whole of Huddersfield need to listen to his phone conversation!!)

A few years ago I read about doing a yearly 'happiness jar' - at the beginning of the year you have an empty jar and over the year fill it with notes, memories on things that have made you happy, smile, laugh and things you have achieved. Then after New Year you open the jar reflect on all the positive things that happened that year! Instead of getting drawn into the negative New Year mindset of things that didn't happen or things you could have done better.

I could have wrote a blog in the last two months of 2019, however, when I look back at all the blogs I did write this out-ways the two month the fact that I am back 'on it' in early 2020 is an achievement.

The same goes with Health & Fitness, don't beat yourself up because you (like most other people) let diet and exercise slide over the festive year. You might be sat breathing in so those extra pounds can fit into your skinny jeans, however, remember those festive slides are probably occasions which put a smile on your face! Accept the blips, accept that you are human and most of all accept that you will soon get back into your routine.

If you are reading this and you never had a health & fitness routine in 2019, then it doesn't mean you can't start. Create a habit early on so when December is upon us again you can enjoy the festive season with a smile on your face.

Fit 4 Force sessions were back in full swing on Monday and I think there are a few aching muscles amongst the bootcampers this week. I would love to hear about more aching muscles and see people enjoy exercise this year, so as a special offer if you sign up in January you will receive a FREE copy of the 21 day LifeForce transformation plan.

Contact me or click one of the links below to find out more!

Click here for your 2020 exercise regime

Click here for a plan to reduce the Christmas excess
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