Tuesday, 15 October 2019

16 years to beat a World Record!

Back in 2003 Paula Radcliffe set the world record for women's fastest marathon in London, with an impressive time of 2.15.25! This weekend that record was broken by Brigid Kosgei at the Chicago Marathon in a time of 2.14.04!

It is a shame that an English athlete no longer holds the record, however, to hold it for 16 years is very impressive! Especially as nutrition and training experts become more knowledgeable, however, having said this, I believe genetics and natural talent play a massive role. When I used to run Marathons (I started round about the time Paula was breaking records), I know that even if I worked with nutrition and training experts I would never achieve world records.

However, over the years I did change the way I trained, fuelled correctly and broke my own records! When I look back at the days I used to love long distance running (it's a long time long distance running and love have gone in the same sentence lol), I started training by just doing LSD (long slow distance - not the drug!) and yes I did the miles, but never got any faster. I was constantly tired and wanted to eat rubbish! The year I got my PB, I ran less, combined my long distance runs with speed training and incorporated resistance training. I felt stronger (and happier) through-out my training, my physique was better (the runners paunch decreased) and my goal of running faster was achieved!

Now over the years I have come across a lot of runners, who just want to run miles and miles and miles as they worry that they won't get any faster! In fact those that train that way generally don't get any faster as they are normally riddled with injury. The runners I know who are successful, combine speed training with less mileage, do some sort of resistance training and come to my bootcamp haha!

Joking aside, I always promote that you mix your training up, if your body gets used to doing the same thing you never adapt, you never progress and often pick up injuries.

So if you want to mix your training up, then click one of the links below and let me take the stress of planning your work-out out of the equation. Now I am not saying I can help you break I world record, however, I can help you towards your own records!

Click here to break your own records

Click here to eat like an athlete.
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